I tried eating Pizza Hut's '[Impact] maybe it's different www wiener coffee' which is completed by putting plenty of whipped cream on a wiener + coffee topping pizza

Wiener coffee refers to coffee with whipped cream floating on it, but due to the nuances of the name, there are quite a few people who think, ``Isn't it a coffee with wieners?'' Based on such 'a certain story', a chaotic pizza ' [shock] probably different www wiener coffee ' that put coffee, whipped cream and wiener together in a pizza appeared from Pizza Hut. It is characterized by its sweet and salty taste, so I tried to see what it tastes like.

[Shock] Maybe it's different www wiener coffee | Pizza Hut


How did this happen? '[Shock] Maybe it's different www wiener coffee' pizza explosion! New from 5/26 to 6/14! |Press release from Japan Pizza Hut Co., Ltd.

The ordered item has arrived. In addition to pizza, Torak's ' Raku Raku Whip ' was handed over. It says, 'Please put it on as you like.'

As soon as I opened the box, the scent of coffee drifted softly from that moment. You can see that the pizza has a wiener in the ear and white cream cheese and black coffee sauce are on top.

Then summon whipped cream.

Squeeze it out onto the pizza. The topping is completed while remembering the sense of immorality in the act of putting whipped cream on the pizza.

It's time to eat. The parts other than the ears are 90% sweet from whipped cream and coffee sauce, and 10% salty from cheese, so the taste is almost all sweet. The coffee sauce was a paste with a rough texture like sweet potato, which produced a rich sweetness from beginning to end. When I asked Pizza Hut, the identity of this sauce is 'coffee flavored bean paste'. An editorial staff from the Tokai region was delighted, saying, 'It's completely Ogura toast!'

There is always the scent of coffee, and it feels like a sweet and bittersweet scent that is closer to 'coffee jelly' than 'coffee'. The wiener was firmly salty, and it came as 'sweet', 'sweet' and 'sweet', and finally it was completed as a dessert pizza, which was finished with the 'salt' of the ear sausage. Whipped cream adds a nice sweetness without erasing the taste of the pizza, and it eliminates the bitterness of the coffee, so I recommend using a lot of it.

'[Impact] Maybe it's different www wiener coffee' is offered only in M size, the take-out price is 2500 yen including tax, and the delivery is 2800 yen including tax. The sales period is from May 26, 2023 to June 14, 2023. It is limited to 452 stores nationwide, so if you are interested, please check the 'Stores that do not carry out' posted on the following page.

[Shock] Maybe it's different www wiener coffee | Pizza Hut


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