McDonald's celebrates the 40th anniversary of the birth of Chicken McNugget with a ``nugget-type Tetris-only game machine'', and an opening video of a game machine coming out of a nugget-like box

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Chicken McNuggets ' was released in the United States in 1983 and eventually spread all over the world. In order to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the birth of such chicken mac nuggets, it is reported that McDonald's in China sold a `` chicken mac nugget type Tetris dedicated game machine ''.

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McDonald's In China Has An Exclusive Tetris Handheld

New Nugget-Shaped Tetris Handheld From McDonalds Is Real

Anthony Wallace, a writer living in Thailand, got information that McDonald's in China will sell a 'Chicken McNugget type Tetris game machine'. The official website has also announced that, and the selling price is only 30 yuan (about 600 yen).

The Chicken McNugget-shaped Tetris game machine was sold at McDonald's throughout China on May 24, 2023 and was sold out immediately. At the time of writing the article, there is no information that it will be sold at McDonald's outside of China, but it is possible to purchase items sold by individuals on some mail order sites.

Mr. Wallace was initially concerned that this Tetris game machine was a pirated version, but it is reported that there was a firm official license notation on the back side.

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On YouTube, it is possible to see the opening video uploaded by the person who got the chicken mac nugget type Tetris game machine.

McDonald's Chicken Nuggets Tetris Gameboy Toys Unboxing-YouTube

The purchased set comes with a paper box that looks like a chicken mac nugget and a carrying pouch.

McDonald's logo and nuggets are drawn on the pouch.

The paper box containing the game machine body looks like this.

When I opened the box, a game machine in a plastic bag came out from inside.

The bag contains the main body and stickers.

The game machine looks like a nugget, with a cross button, a rotation button (lower right), a power button (upper right), etc.

Press the power button to start.

The letters 'TETRIS' flowed on the screen.

Tetris can be played using the cross button and the rotation button.

Tetriminos can only rotate in one direction as there is only one rotation button.

The game console is sized to fit perfectly in a carrying pouch.

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