Headline news for May 26, 2023

A special video of six characters has been released from the hit movie ' The Super Mario Bros. Movie '. Each setting and charm in the movie are condensed, and even those who have never touched the 'Mario' series should be able to enjoy the movie even more after watching this.

Movie 'The Super Mario Bros. Movie' Character Special Video Mario Edition (Special Japanese Version) - YouTube

Movie 'The Super Mario Bros. Movie' Character Special Video Luigi Edition (Special Japanese Version) - YouTube

Movie 'The Super Mario Bros. Movie' Character Special Video Princess Peach Edition (Special Japanese Version) - YouTube

Movie 'The Super Mario Bros. Movie' Character Special Video Kinopio (Special Japanese Version) - YouTube

Movie 'The Super Mario Bros. Movie' Character Special Video Donkey Kong Edition (Special Japanese Version) - YouTube

Movie 'The Super Mario Bros. Movie' Character Special Video Kuppa (Special Japanese Version) - YouTube

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What happens when bacteria keep the body clean and use 'bacteria mist' for one month without showering - GIGAZINE

Human beds are dirtier than chimpanzee beds - GIGAZINE

I stayed at the ``Tokyo Station Hotel'' where you can stay 0 minutes on foot from Tokyo Station, the interior of the important cultural property hotel looks like this - GIGAZINE

The US Navy announced that it succeeded in testing to shoot down a drone with a laser beam from a warship - GIGAZINE

An American high school that arbitrarily corrected the 'breasts' of the graduation album is controversial-GIGAZINE

Treasures of the Qing dynasty in China worth 200 million yen are found in the kitchen of ordinary households - GIGAZINE

Discovered by LIDAR survey from the sky the remains of an ``ancient city'' that had not been known in the depths of the Amazon - GIGAZINE

◆ Topics (memos, etc.)

◆ Science (Science, Academics, Technology)
Will it disappear? will you stay? -The fate of genes depends on the surrounding genomic environment-::National Institute of Genetics

Prediction of grain orientation distribution by AI from photographs of crystals -Applicable to simple and high-speed microstructural analysis of polycrystalline materials- - Nagoya University research results information

A simple screening for the severity of dementia by playing the drums -Evaluation of function by what you can do even if you have dementia- | Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo

◆ Society, politics, economy (incidents, world news, business)
Minor points “Granted to others by mistake” Total 113 cases in 90 municipalities Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications | NHK | My number

Nagano Nakano City Standing [Breaking news] 'I thought I was slandered' | NHK | Incident

[Breaking news] Confirmed 113 minor points 'given to others' Caused by misregistration of My Number to another person's 'cashless payment' Announced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications | TBS NEWS DIG

Congestion relief for commuting to school, special train operation JR Kyushu, users recover | Mainichi Shimbun

``Libereste'' president arrested Illegal loan disguised as real estate transaction | NHK | Case

South Korean Ministry of Defense accepts ``according to international customs'' Maritime Self-Defense Force ship ``Rising sun flag'' to enter port-Sankei News

Declining real wages will continue for a long time (March wages) | 2023 | Takahide Kiuchi's Global Economy & Policy Insight | Nomura Research Institute (NRI)

Attention to Secretary Shotaro, Prime Minister's eldest son, receiving reports such as photography at the official residence | NHK

Three people, including the president of a real estate company in Soka City, were arrested on suspicion of violating the investment law | NHK Saitama Prefecture News

Serious juvenile case record discarded Supreme Court apology for ``losing national property'' | Mainichi Shimbun

Collective bargaining to ask for refunds such as donations to the former Unification Church totaling more than 2.6 billion yen | NHK | Former Unification Church

Although there are 111 examiners, one person is in charge, responsible for 25% of the total Immigration Bureau announced by refugee examination Fusako Yanase Counselor 1231 cases last year: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

Answering ``No intention of reconciliation'' without asking the client is a violation Compensation order to lawyer: Asahi Shimbun Digital

[Breaking News] Tropicana Orange will be suspended for 2 months from June 1st. When sales resume, the price will be raised from 260 yen to 350 yen | TBS NEWS DIG

Australian kangaroos to be mass-killed to fight starvation 6 photos International News: AFPBB News

Police officer who died, without wearing a bulletproof vest Nagano Prefectural Police Headquarters ``Death is regrettable'': Asahi Shimbun Digital

Asiana Airlines passenger plane flew with doors open, transported nine passengers with breathing difficulties, arrested passengers in their 30s and investigated

``If you listen to what the Keidanren chairman is saying, Japan will perish'' ``The end of the world'' Governor Maruyama, Shimane Prefecture Criticize the discussion of ``additional social insurance premiums'' and ``consumption tax'' as financial resources for countermeasures against the declining birthrate | BSS News | BSS Sanin Broadcasting

Convenience store major, considering complete elimination of magazine shelves during this term ... Entering the era of weekly magazines 1000 yen 'Bunko is 1600 yen, new book is 1200 yen' Who will buy it-Minkabu (magazine)

Forced sexual intercourse into non-consensual sexual intercourse Criminal law revision bill passed by the House of Representatives Judicial Committee | NHK

Toyota Rise HEV Driver's Side Pole Side Collision Daihatsu In-house Test Results | Corporate | Global Newsroom | Toyota Motor Corporation Official Corporate Site

Cracks in the former Soviet bloc Criticism of Belarus nuclear deployment-Kazakh appealing for abolition: current affairs dot com

◆ Lifestyle (life, lifestyle, health)
Great Kanto Earthquake Detailed damage records written on old maps 100 years ago-NHK

KEISUI ART STUDIO | Gyomu Super Indonesia's 'Oriente and Biscuits Espresso' has a strong coffee flavor and is irresistible.

KEISUI ART STUDIO | The 100-yen shop 'CUTE GEM CLIPS' is a clever and fun item.

Colleague ``I received a contract file'' I ``It's in a beautiful file, let me check the contract again'' → The story that the content of the contract was different-Togetter

10 million views on SNS! What the graduate student who ``refuted'' the minister wanted to convey (Haruki Konno)-Individual-Yahoo! News

◆ IT/gadgets (net/software/hardware/mobile)
Sakura Internet launches ``Sakura Cloud Shell'', an online shell environment that can be used free of charge without membership registration, from May 25, 2023 | Sakura Internet

What's so amazing about Japan's solar cell 'perovskite'? | NHK | Business Feature | Movement toward a decarbonized society

Front and rear compound landing machine 'Nose Diver' _ JCJC 1.90 seconds-Nico Nico Douga

For those who are having trouble switching AdSense on YouTube|Patra Suo/Vtuber|pixivFANBOX

◆ Anime, games, manga (subculture)
Apology | TBS TV

YouTube channel 'Risa Unai / Unapon GAMES' operated by TBS TV
On (https://www.youtube.com/@unapon), around 18:00 on May 23 (Tuesday), the live video distribution of 'SEKIRO: SHADOWS DIE TWICE' released by From Software will be set. , the production staff made a mistake and set Content ID (a setting that manages copyrights for video and audio) to 'valid'.
As a result, we have applied a copyright claim to the video distributors who uploaded scenes that match the video that was distributed on the same channel's 'SEKIRO Live Streaming #13'.
By 24:00 on the same day, we stopped referring to this Content ID setting and withdrew the complaint.
We deeply apologize for causing a great deal of trouble to FromSoftware and all the video distributors who are distributing the game live video of the same title.

TV anime 'Dungeon rice' teaser PV-YouTube

Anime `` Odekakeko Zame '' preview PV [Summer 2023 animation decision! ]-YouTube

Anime `` Spriggan '' terrestrial first broadcast commemorative special PV (Broadcast starts from July 7, 2023!)-YouTube

[VOICEROID Theater] Damn you forget your homework-Nico Nico Douga

help! ! ! My body has become iron beads! ! -YouTube

An all-you-can-eat Chinese-style robot SF written under the influence of 'Darifla' ── 'Steel Red Woman'-Basic reading

[Chapter 97] The One Who Walks Alone - Brain Surgeon Takeda-kun

Summary of the `` game history '' turmoil-Togetter

Character PV Asta / Movie 'Black Clover Magic Emperor's Sword' [Released on Friday, June 16]-YouTube

I understand in 4 minutes Yaba !! | Onee (CV. Yukari Tamura) explains ♪-YouTube

[Last 5 minutes of the main story] Episode 5 of the TV anime 'My Heart's Dangerous Guy' | -YouTube

[Last 5 minutes of the main story] Episode 6 | -YouTube

GRANBLUE FANTASY: Relink - PlayStation Showcase Trailer | PS5, PS4 - YouTube

'Fairgame $' (original title) | CGI trailer-YouTube

'Helldivers 2' (original title) announcement trailer-YouTube

'Sword of the Sea' announcement trailer - YouTube

'The Plucky Squire' gameplay trailer - YouTube

'Ys X -NORDICS-' Teaser CM - YouTube

'Miasma Chronicles' - Launch Trailer - YouTube

``Street Fighter 6'' Primate Strongest Saori Yoshida CM-YouTube

'Street Fighter 6' Character Guide | JP-YouTube

Delight! Deep emotion! PS5®! | 'FINAL FANTASY XVI'-YouTube

'Alone in the Dark' | Spotlight-YouTube

'Saints Row': 'Heists and Dangers' Launch Trailer-YouTube

``Ancient Hunter'' Introduction Trailer-YouTube

YOASOBI / Idol ('Idol' English Ver.)-YouTube

The next stage of the strongest primate 'Saori Yoshida' is Street Fighter!? WEBCM is now available! | STREET FIGHTER 6 | CAPCOM

◆ Sports, entertainment, music, movies (entertainment)
Brazil national soccer player Racism damage in Spain International problem | NHK | Soccer

Movie 'M3GAN / Megan' Kunekune Dance Dangerous Megan dance video with weapons - YouTube

Former Jr.'s real name is white! ``Higashiyama is an aide in Mr. Johnny's aide.

◆ New products (clothing, food, housing)
Jump out! Kyubits|Takara Tomy

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