'Lony' that allows you to search for primary and secondary creation sites such as illustrations, novels, games, etc.

By searching for personal sites that publish illustrations, novels, games, etc. of primary creation or secondary creation by word search or tag search, you can find creators of your choice ' Lony 'is. Creators can acquire new fans by registering their own personal sites with Lony.

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It is easy to use, just enter the word you are interested in in the search field at the top of the page.

Search results are displayed in 'update order' (the order of the latest update of the site) or 'new arrival order' (the order in which the site was registered with Lony), and the display order can be changed from the upper left of the search result. By default, they are displayed in order of update.

When displaying in 'update order', the latest update contents are displayed in the red frame below. There are sites that simply notify you of the update content, such as 'The site has been updated,' and other sites that notify you of the details of the update, such as 'Added 0 illustrations.'

Each site is tagged, so if you find a tag that interests you, you can click on it and search for sites with the same tag. You can also search for tags using the search box at the top of the page, but you don't need to include hashtags when searching.

Creators who publish creations on their personal sites can also register their sites with Lony themselves. To register the site, click 'New registration' at the top right of the screen.

Enter the user name (within 20 characters), e-mail address, password, password (confirmation) from the top, check 'I have read and agreed to

the terms of use ', and click 'Send authentication mail'.

Then, an e-mail will be sent from the Lony office to the e-mail address you entered, so click the URL described in this e-mail.

Account creation is now complete. You can register your site with Lony by clicking 'Register Site'.

Six items can be registered: site name (40 characters), site URL, description (200 characters), adult (R-18) handling, tag (15 pieces), site banner (200 × 40) . Since this 'site description' and 'tag' are search targets, it is necessary to refine the contents of these two items in particular. In addition, when registering a site on Lony, it must be a doujin / creative site (search, same name, blog is also possible), the site must be managed by the registrant, and it does not fall under

the prohibited items of the terms of use. it needs to be checked.

If you register the site, you can add update information by clicking 'Add News' on My Page.

The text you enter in the content section will be displayed to others as update information, so you can enter details such as 'I added 0 illustrations' or 'I posted the latest manga story'. Writing is better.

The registered site can be easily deleted from My Page.

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