AI can propose and adjust manga settings, synopsis, character names, deathblow names, lines, etc. one after another `` Comicopa '', which can be applied to the creation of TRPGs, games, novels, etc.

In order to continue creating and improving the quality, it is helpful to have friends who inspire ideas for your work and give you advice on what you read. Depending on the environment in which you are typing, it may be difficult to get advice in many cases. Comic Copilot , a manga support AI service produced by the editor of '

Shonen Jump+ ' and community service creator Kensu , is a service that adjusts lines and comes up with ideas for titles and character names. , It will be a consultation partner who will be close to you during manga production, as it will provide evaluations and advice on stories and synopsis.

Comic-Copilot Manga Production Support AI

Released 'Comicopa' to support manga production with AI

As for AI that supports creators, Adobe has announced ' Firefly ' that can generate text-based images and effects, attempts to use AI for creating 3D models of game characters, etc. It is developing in a wide range of ways, such as the announcement of a service that creates and a service that can generate handwritten characters . Comicopa, on the other hand, does not generate or assist with illustrations or pictures, but rather provides support in the form of chats for coming up with ideas and giving advice on stories and settings. The creator, Kensu, said, ``In many cases, the image generation system does not have the permission of the creator of the learning source data, and there are ethical issues. I think it's ideal to use ChatGPT in such a way that it can enhance creativity and expand possibilities.Therefore, we created Comicopa, which makes it easier to use ChatGPT, an interactive AI, for manga production.' I wrote.

GIGAZINE also produces manga, so I will consult with Comicopa about various things. First, access the top page and click 'Try to consult with Comicopa'.

Comicopa's page looks like the image below. You can start interacting with AI by selecting the content you want to consult from the menu on the left. If you have the desire to create something, but you can't decide on the main theme, first select 'I want to think about the theme together.'

By entering a keyword that will be the axis of the theme, it will suggest a work theme related to the keyword. There are nearly 500 choices for keywords, and you can also enter them freely. After entering the keyword, click 'Send'.

Then, it proposed an image of the work with each of the keywords that I entered as the theme. Although it is not a very specific idea at this point, it seems to be able to stimulate the creative motivation of 'I want to make such a story'.

You can also consult further based on the proposed theme. As a test, I asked them to come up with a synopsis that combines three themes: 'love with animals,' 'professional baseball,' and 'strong dragons.' In this way, in addition to being able to consider ideas while developing a theme, you can further solidify ambiguous ideas by discussing ``I want to add this kind of scene'' and ``I want to make use of this kind of element''. can do.

'Suggest manga titles' will suggest multiple titles by entering genres, synopsis, and keywords. Since it is possible to request 'put this word', it seems to be useful for solidifying ideas. As a test, when I requested to include words related to 'different worlds or different worlds', in addition to 'different worlds', 'different worlds', 'dragon world', 'dragon world' etc. were also included, so it was quite applicable seems to work.

If you don't have a strong preference, it's quite difficult to come up with names for all the characters. Comicopa's 'Think of a character name' will suggest multiple names by entering the characteristics of the character. At first, when I tried inputting ``female, actually a dragon, about 15 to 19 years old in human form, and an image of the color blue,'' the output was a Japanese-style name that didn't match the image I had imagined. I would like a katakana name based on something other than English,' he added. Then, in addition to suggesting the name as requested, he explained 'where the request is reflected'.

In the 'Propose name of special move', similarly, by inputting the image of the character and the technique, it will suggest the name of the technique and what kind of technique it is. As a test, when I entered the same content as 'Think of a character name', 'a woman, actually a dragon, a human figure of about 15 to 19 years old, and a color image of blue', I tried to input a special move from that element. It gave me an output.

In 'Think of proper nouns', when you consult about what kind of name you want to create with what kind of characteristics, Comicopa will propose the characteristics and setting of the proper noun in addition to the name. When I thought about the name of the ``baseball team in another world'', I came up with ``Dragon Fighters'', ``Elfin Archers'', ``Goblin Sluggers'', and ``types and characteristics of characters in another world''. is being output.

I wanted to consider a name that was a little more twisted than the one originally proposed for ``Isekai no Baseball Team'', so I made an additional request, ``I would like you to propose a slightly twisted name with the same naming rules.'' rice field. Then, I was able to output a different name according to my request. By repeatedly making additional requests, you can refine your ideas.

Also, when I try to draw a manga, I sometimes get lost in the character's lines, such as ``The lines I want to put in don't fit well in the balloons,'' ``The lines are a little strange,'' and ``Is this wording correct?'' I have. In Comicopa, you can shorten or paraphrase the lines in the menu 'I want to adjust the lines'. As a test, in the first episode of the manga '

Princess and Gamer ', the line 'Scene in which Arika, the main character who is struggling as a broadcaster, finds a super high-level player in the same club and requests a ghost play for herself' I don't want to be half-baked like 11th place.'

First, select the 'I want to adjust the dialogue' menu and click on the request 'I want to shorten the dialogue'.

When I input the line I want to be shortened, the super-shortened 'I don't like 11th place', the shortened 'I don't like 11th place', the slightly shortened 'I don't like 11th place'. The pattern was output like this. Since the sentences were originally broken by the character's colloquial language, I tried it again while adjusting the sentences, and tried other longer sentences, but it doesn't understand the gist of the sentences and shorten them. Therefore, it seems difficult to get the output as expected.

Next, when I selected 'I want to paraphrase it in another sentence', it suggested 10 patterns with the same content but different characters' personalities and tone of voice. Also, the original line is spoken by a high school student, Arika, but when I asked him to rephrase it like an elementary school girl's line, he changed 'convenience' to 'lucky' and 'happy.' , 'Halfway' has been converted into small girl-like lines, such as 'not too much' and 'normal position'.

I chose 4 patterns from the suggested lines and replaced Arika's lines. Since the impression of the character changes considerably depending on the paraphrasing, I felt that Comicopa would be quite useful for adjusting the text according to the character's personality and characteristics.

By selecting 'If ○○ said' after 'I want to adjust the dialogue', you can paraphrase it as another character's dialogue.

When asked to paraphrase ``random age, occupation, and gender'', the line ``If you know, it's good, I don't want to be 11th or something like that.'' , I don't want to be half-hearted, so I want more people to support me!' A 35-year-old housewife said, 'I can't be half-hearted. I want more support from everyone.' Then, a 60-year-old male office worker said, 'I don't want to be half-hearted even at my age. I want to be evaluated more.'

In addition, 'I want to adjust the dialogue' also has a function 'I want you to proofread the dialogue'. We check the input dialogue for spelling errors, inconsistent spellings, misuse of idioms and proverbs, words that do not fit the context, incorrect subject-predicate combinations, and punctuation, and then propose corrected sentences. Because it will do, it seems to be quite useful when there is a sense of incongruity in the dialogue or when you are not confident in the way you use words.

Comicopa not only helps you come up with ideas when creating a work, but also gives advice on the finished work. By selecting 'I want to hear evaluations and impressions' and entering settings and synopsis, it will point out objective impressions and points that you noticed. As a test, I entered the synopsis of the manga '

Gasya de~su!! ', which began serialization on April 26, 2023. 'Gasya de~su!!' is a story about Kiyu, who joined a gas company as a new graduate, grows up while encountering various problems, worries, failures and successes at work, and finds something.

When I selected ``I want to hear evaluations and impressions'' from the menu and entered the synopsis of the first episode, ``The novelty of the manga's cut,'' ``Is the main character attractive to the reader,'' and ``The world view setting is logical. After evaluating each item with a star, we will send you a comprehensive evaluation and advice. Advice such as ``Which part is attractive, and which part should be drawn more?'' can make the work more interesting, and ``This part should be drawn more thoroughly'' can make up for the lacking parts. I'm here. Also, because of the analysis of the synopsis, I felt that I could learn how to write a synopsis of a work, which is surprisingly difficult.

'I want to hear evaluations and impressions' gives advice like a professional editor, but from 'virtual reader feedback', readers with various personalities can read and receive their impressions. When I entered the synopsis of the same `` Gas shop !! If the target of the work is decided, it is possible to select a virtual reader by setting it as 'boys in middle and high school', 'men and women from university students to working people', so it is possible to ask 'what target should pay attention to in the work'. You should be able to know the points.

In addition, in the menu 'I want you to encourage me anyway' and 'I want to talk anyway', you can use Comicopa as a conversation partner during production, rather than receiving specific advice and suggestions. In 'I want you to encourage me anyway', when you talk about your worries, first of all, you will say bright words such as 'Wow, that's amazing!' increase. Also, when I whispered, 'Why is my manga ...?' You should be motivated.

Also, even when you don't have anything in particular to talk about, 'I just want to talk' will ask you a general question about manga, so you can use it as a partner in creating a work, or when you want to take a break, talk to it and relax your mind. In addition, they will ask you questions about the manga you are working on and the genres you are interested in. By answering these questions, you may be able to discover points and necessary elements of the work that you hadn't noticed before.

Comicopa can be used for free. Mr. Kensu said, 'After all, 'making manga' is quite a difficult task. Just listening to the story, from an amateur's point of view, 'Are you paying attention to such things!?' There are many times when I think, ``Are you doing this far!?'' I think that the value of AI itself is that it can help with that work and support the creation of more interesting ideas and works. I think there's a lot of room for improvement, but please check it out!'

Comic-Copilot Manga Production Support AI

In addition, the data sent by entering Comicopa is stored for up to 30 days in order to monitor bad or incorrect usage, according to OpenAI's policy. It will be deleted after that.” However, Al and Shueisha, which provide Comicopa, will not collect and store the data sent by users, and the sent data will not be used for AI learning. . In addition, the advice and ideas proposed by Comicopa may include the content of existing manga works, so it seems necessary to check the content before using it. For more information, you can check from 'Frequently Asked Questions' in ' About Comicopa '.

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