Discord Username System Changed

On May 3, 2023, Discord announced that it would be changing its username system. Until now, Discord has displayed user names as 'arbitrary character string' + 'hashtag' + '4-digit number', but from now on, user names will be changed to '@' + 'arbitrary character string'. increase.

Username Evolution in Discord


Initially, Discord started with a 'username' + '4-digit identification tag' so that users can join friends' servers with their favorite usernames and join voice chats quickly and easily. It seems to represent the user name. As a result, Discord has treated 'PhiBi#8936' and 'PhiBi#9863' as different usernames.

However, as Discord grew and friend registration became popular, many problems began to occur. A particularly big problem, Discord cites, is that ``current usernames can become complex and confusing, and people can't easily remember and share them.''

In addition, I can't share my Discord username because I don't remember the identification tag outside of Discord, and 'PHBI#8936' and 'phibi#8936' are different because they are case sensitive. If it is not understood that it is a user name, or if you want to use a common name such as 'Mike' but the maximum number of identification tags is 9999, use 'Mike' as the user name. Several issues were raised with the existing username system, such as inability to use it.

In order to solve these problems, Discord seems to have considered various measures, but it seems that all of them ended up with half-finished results. So Discord announced that they would change their usernames to something like '@phibi', consisting of unique alphanumeric characters without any identifying tags. Only lowercase letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), and two special characters (period (.) and underscore (_)) can be used as a username. Discord hopes this will make usernames easier to remember and easier to share.

Additionally, Discord allows display names that include special characters, spaces, emojis, non-Latin characters, and anything else as long as they follow our community guidelines . This is meant to represent your identity and you can change it at any time.

Your old username, stripped of your identifying tags, will default to your new display name, and your friends will still be able to recognize you as an individual. For example, if your previous username was 'PhiBi#8936', your default new display name will be 'PhiBi'.

Your display name will be displayed when sending messages in DMs and servers. Usernames are unique to each user, so they are primarily used as a unique identifier for friend requests and also as a way to verify your identity with other users on Discord. When you receive a message request or friend request from another user, you will be able to confirm who that user is by combining that user's display name with a new unique username.

When searching for a user to mention on the server, you can search by both display name and username. If that server has a server profile with a server nickname, you can also mention or tag it with that nickname.

New usernames will be available for migration in the coming weeks, and the older your Discord account, the sooner you'll be eligible to choose a new username. For example, a user who has had a Discord account for 5 years can qualify before a user who has had a Discord account for 2 years.

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