Development of ``war AI'' that gives instructions to the battlefield using chatbot AI is progressing

Palantir , a big data analysis company founded by PayPal founder Peter Thiel, announces `` Palantir Artificial Intelligence Platform (AIP) '' software for running large-scale language models such as GPT-4 on private networks Did. In the introductory video, Palantir explains 'how the military uses AI'.

Palantir AIP | Defense and Military-YouTube

Palantir Demos AI to Fight Wars But Says It Will Be Totally Ethical Don't Worry About It

Palantir's scenario begins with a military operator monitoring activity within Eastern Europe receiving a warning from the AIP that the enemy is massing near friendly forces. Upon receiving the alert, the operator asks the chatbot for details and asks the AI to guess what the enemy unit is after getting more information.

Operators who grasp the enemy's units use AI to efficiently organize their own units. Next, let AI generate an action guideline for aiming at the enemy, and automatically send that guideline to your army.

It seems that AI can be substituted for all information transmission actions such as taking pictures using drones and sharing the weapon possession status of the army with everyone. It means that you don't have to do anything more than approve the .

As war using generative AI becomes a reality, the overseas media Vice is concerned that generative AI will not always give the right answer.

Palantir does not sell military-specific AI or large-scale language models, it only makes it possible to collectively manage existing systems, and it is FLAN- It will be an existing model such as T5 XL and GPT-NeoX-20B. However, these AIs can make things up or give vague answers.

Palantir claims that AI will be able to analyze both sensitive and real-time data to remedy these issues. According to Palantir, when an operator using AIP takes action, AIP will create a record and will be able to grasp the large-scale language model used by AIP and what AI is doing.

“Our platform integrates AI into the military in a legal and ethical manner,” Palantir said.

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