I ate 'Shiro Noir Black Mont Blanc' at Komeda coffee shop where the crunchy texture of Black Mont Blanc was combined with that Shiro Noir

Komeda's coffee shop and chocolate bar ice

cream Black Mont Blanc collaboration menu, `` Shironoir Black Mont Blanc '' and `` Cronage Black Mont Blanc '' have been available since April 26, 2023. I have eaten to see what kind of taste it is because that crispy texture of Black Mont Blanc is combined with Shiro Noir & Cronage , a popular menu at Komeda's coffee shop.

Collaboration: “Shiro Noir Black Mont Blanc” “Cronage Black Mont Blanc”

So, I came to Komeda's coffee shop at once.

I found 'Shiro Noir Black Mont Blanc' and 'Cronage Black Mont Blanc' on the menu in the store.

Product arrived at the same time as ordering. The left is 'Shiro Noir Black Mont Blanc' and the right is 'Cronage Black Mont Blanc'. In the middle is the iPhone 12 (146.7 mm in length) for size comparison.

Looking from the side it looks like this. There is a height because soft cream is served.

The selling price of 'Shiro Noir Black Mont Blanc' varies slightly depending on the store, and the price is 780 to 840 yen including tax. The calorie per one is amazing 1216 kcal.

The crunch topped on Shiro Noir is the same as the original Black Mont Blanc. The chocolate sauce uses a uniquely developed one for this collaboration, and it seems that when it is applied to soft cream, it will be cooled and hardened. As a result, it is said that it has succeeded in reproducing the texture as if eating a black Mont Blanc ice bar.

A large amount of topped chocolate sauce melts in the part that is covered with Danish, but the part that is covered with soft ice cream is solidified, and it looks just like Black Mont Blanc together with the crunch. increase. The taste is just like 'chocolate-flavored shiro noir', and it has a reassuring taste that makes you wonder if it was not on the basic menu. Crunch is not topped as much as I imagined, but that crunchy texture of Black Mont Blanc is firmly reproduced and it is crunchy wherever you eat.

Next, I will eat 'Cronage Black Mont Blanc'. The selling price here also varies depending on the store, and the price is 680 to 740 yen including tax. The calorie is 648 kcal, which makes me feel less calorie than Shiro Noir.

Crunch and chocolate sauce are the same as Shiro Noir.

The difficulty is that the spoon is hard to pass through because the chocolate sauce on the soft cream is firmly solidified.

The cocoa-flavored baumkuchen part of Kuronege seems to be finished with a moderate sweetness so that it does not become too sweet even when eaten with soft serve ice cream or chocolate sauce, so it is better to eat it all together rather than eating it alone. A little good. Shiro Noir doesn't absorb as much soft serve ice cream as I expected, but Cronage's Baumkuchen absorbs a lot of soft serve ice cream, so the chocolate flavor and the soft serve ice cream flavor are more mixed and combined to create a mouth-watering sensation. Spread inside. I thought I was overwhelmed by the flavor of cocoa and chocolate sauce, but it was a dessert with a high degree of perfection where I could feel the creamy taste of soft serve ice cream.

In addition, 'Shironoir Black Mont Blanc' and 'Cronage Black Mont Blanc' are scheduled to be sold for a limited time from April 26, 2023 to the end of June, but the closing time will differ depending on the store, so please be careful. If you are going to be, please try to eat early.

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