Edge of Windows standard browser turned out to send access history etc. to Bing


Dennis Sylvester Hurd

It turned out that the web browser `` Edge '', which is standard in Windows, automatically sends the URL history you accessed to Microsoft's search engine `` Bing ''. It is believed to be caused by a malfunction of the ' creator follow function ' that has been installed in Edge since 2022 and allows you to follow your favorite content creators on YouTube and across websites.

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This issue was discovered by Reddit user hackermchackface. Since the latest version of Edge, version 112.0.1722.34, hackermchackface has sent a request to the page bingapis.com/api/v7/followweb/isfollowable using the URL of almost every website he visits. I discovered that ``A search on this URL yields very few results, and I cannot find any documentation about this feature,'' hackermchackface said.

When software engineer Rafael Rivera investigated this issue, it emerged that it may be a bug in the creator follow function implemented in Edge. Mr. Rivera told the overseas news media The Verge, ``Edge has a creator follow function that is enabled by default. At the time, it seems that the information was sent to Bing.' However, 'probably the creator follow function does not work properly, and instead it is thought that almost all domains visited by users are sent to Bing.'

``In previous versions of Edge, this feature seems to have been applied only to some social media websites, such as YouTube and Pinterest,'' said hackermchackface. In addition, 'In the latest version of Edge, when a request is successfully sent, information is sent for all pages visited since then. Some of the information is the local domain,

IP address , and all pages visited since the request was sent. URLs are sent to Bing.In addition, clicked links and login information are also sent to Bing.'

However, hackermchackface said, ``I don't think this is a malfunction of the creator follow function and it is Microsoft's intentional action.''

'We are aware of this report and are currently investigating it, and we are taking appropriate steps to address this issue,' Caitlin Rollston, director of communications at Microsoft, told The Verge. ' said. However, Mr. Rollston explains why requests such as URLs are sent to 'bingapis.com/api/v7/followweb/isfollowable' and how Edge is configured to send information about visited sites to Bing. I would like to refrain from commenting on whether it is being done.

The Verge said, ``If you disable the creator follow function, information such as URLs will not be sent to bingapis.com. We strongly recommend disabling the follow feature.'

To disable the Follow Creators feature, first click the menu button, then click Settings.

When the setting screen is displayed, select the 'Privacy, search, services' tab.

Scroll to the bottom and toggle off the switch for 'Show suggestions to follow authors in Microsoft Edge'.

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