Alibaba announces chat AI 'Tongi Cheng Wen' with more than 50 times the parameters of ChatGPT

On April 7, 2023, Alibaba announced through its WeChat official account an AI language model ` `Tongi Cheng Wen' ' that can be used under its cloud service.

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Tongyi Cheng Wen is a chat AI trained on a large-scale Chinese text data set, and is capable of receiving and answering in Chinese and English. It is said that it will be introduced first to the business chat application 'DingTalk' and the smart speaker 'Tmall Genie', and then to be introduced to all Alibaba products.

The official website looks like this. 'I am a large model that responds to human instructions.' We are committed to serving and making life better).'

At this stage, only invited people can try it. At the bottom there is a button called 'Use invitation code (use invitation code)', but when you click it ...

You can log in by entering your ID and password, or request an invitation code with your phone number. However, since '+86' is displayed at the beginning, it seems that you can not enter anything other than Chinese phone numbers.

Concerned about its performance, a user named Zhiwei tried the service and compared it to Baidu's chat AI 'Ernie Bot' and OpenAI's ChatGPT. According to it, Tongyi Chien performed better on content creation-related tasks compared to Ernie Bot, and was able to understand complex Chinese more deeply than ChatGPT.

Alibaba claims that Communicating Thousand Questions is the world's first AI model with more than 10 trillion parameters. Considering that the number of parameters of ChatGPT is 175 billion, it seems that the performance of Communication Thousands may be quite tremendous.

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