I tried using the coffee maker ``Immersion type dripper switch server set'' that is ideal for beginners who can drip coffee without any technique Review

Even if you want to start drip coffee, if you look up how to make drip coffee, you will find a variety of information such as 'how to pour hot water' and 'special attention to brewing time', and feel that it is difficult to take the first step. There must be many people who have experienced it. With the ' Immersion Dripper Switch Server Set ' from HARIO, you can quickly add drip coffee without the need for techniques such as pouring or steaming. Since such a 'immersion type dripper switch server set' came to the editorial department, I tried to see what kind of coffee was actually completed.

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◆Ceremony of opening
The package of 'immersion type dripper switch server set' looks like this.

Inside the box was a dripper, server, filter and instructions.

The dripper comes with a heat-resistant glass body and a silicone rubber holder.

The holder is equipped with a switch, and when this switch is pressed, the bottom of the dripper is opened and coffee drips to the server.

Dripper and holder are removable.

The server is made of heat-resistant glass and has a scale of 50 ml on the side.

I actually tried putting coffee
The procedure for making coffee with the 'immersion dripper switch server set' is as follows. First, put the dripper & holder on the server.

Next, set the filter on the dripper.

Add 20g of ground coffee. The instructions recommend a medium-fine grind.

After adding coffee grounds, pour hot water until the dripper is full.

The state after pouring 200 ml of hot water is as follows.

After pouring the hot water, let it sit for 2 minutes.

After 2 minutes, press down on the switch.

Then coffee comes out from the bottom of the dripper.

Below is a movie that shows how coffee moves from the dripper to the server.

Drip coffee brewed with 'immersion type dripper switch server set' - YouTube

Once the coffee is transferred to the server, remove the dripper and holder and you're done. At this time, the dripper part is hot, so it is recommended to hold the holder part.

When I drank the finished coffee, I felt that the bitterness and sourness were well balanced, and the impression that the taste of the coffee powder was sufficiently extracted. A coffee-loving editorial staff commented, ``The taste of the beans can be brought out, but the bitterness may be a little strong.If you adjust the time from pouring hot water to pressing the switch, you can make coffee with a higher degree of perfection.'' was saying.

As a result of actually using the 'Immersion Dripper Switch Server Set', I was able to make coffee without any techniques such as pouring hot water or steaming. Also, the temperature of the hot water and the time to soak it in hot water can be adjusted, so it seems that even those who are particular about it will be satisfied. Anyway, you can easily enjoy the experience of making coffee from coffee grounds, so it is highly recommended for coffee beginners who want to try various coffee beans and grounds first and find out the difference in taste!

In addition, the `` immersion dripper switch server set '' is available at Amazon.co.jp at 3682 yen including tax at the time of article creation.

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