14 groundbreaking tools created by GPT-4 in just 3 weeks, such as `` automatic movie editing '' `` game development '' `` grammar proofing '' `` dissertation summary ''


` GPT-4 '', which OpenAI officially announced on March 14, 2023, has exceeded the performance of GPT-3.5 used for ChatGPT etc. I'm here. Sam Woods, a marketing expert on AI, summarizes what kind of impact GPT-4 with tremendous performance is producing `` 14 wonderful things created by GPT-4 just 3 weeks old '' I'm here.

With GPT-4, it became possible to recognize not only text but also images, and ChatGPT based on 'GPT-3.5' had the performance of 'passing the bar exam, but the performance was the bottom 10%'. However, it is known that GPT-4 has scored significantly higher than GPT-3.5 in various examinations, such as demonstrating the surprising performance of ``entering the top 10% of the bar examination'' in GPT-4. . Signed an open letter calling for an immediate cessation of development of AI beyond GPT-4 for at least six months, stating that ``the rapid development of AI poses a serious risk to society and humanity'' due to its excessive performance. are gathered.

'GPT-4' announcement, top 10% of the bar exam & insanely high performance in Japanese & image processing and programming are also possible, and it is also described as 'impact equivalent to the first iPhone'

Mr. Woods shows 14 examples of what specific results have been achieved for GPT-4, which is known for such high performance.

◆ 01: Create a 3DCG game from scratch with no programming experience
First of all, GPT-4 not only answers questions and problems as a conversational AI, but also has considerably improved programming ability. As a result, Mr. Ammar Reshi, who has no programming experience, has developed Replit , which can set up a development environment in a browser, MidJourney , a generative AI that creates images from text descriptions, and a chat bot that is said to generate more conversation-like conversations than ChatGPT. By combining Claude with GPT-4, he seems to have succeeded in creating a full 3D game from scratch.

◆ 02: Analyze the annual report
Mayo, who operates a YouTube channel ' Chat with data ' for building a chatbot for analyzing data, analyzes data by chatting with Tesla's annual report 'GPT-4 Financial Analyst' Warren Buffett' was created.

◆ 03: Find out the information you want to know from PDF court precedent documents
Mayo also shows a demo movie that allows you to 'converse with PDF files'. If you have a PDF document with a huge amount of text, you need to take your time to read what is written where and where the information you want to know is located, but by using the GPT-4 API, Maya I check the answers by asking questions such as 'What kind of case is this?' and 'What does this terminology used in this case mean?' Also, chat doesn't just tell you the answer, it also shows you the source that you're answering from this part of the document, so you can avoid making up information or making mistakes.

04: Generate Python code for Blender from natural language
Mr. Woods next mentions a case where Mr. aarya's 3DCG animation creation application Blender and GPT-4 are combined. Mr. aarya created ' BlenderGPT ' that generates Python code for Blender by giving instructions in natural language with the improved code output capability of GPT-4 and published it on Github.

Since BlenderGPT has attracted attention, aarya also talks about 'generative AI and artist ethics'. According to aarya, BlenderGPT is a tool that makes it easier for beginners to tackle the seemingly complicated Blender, and is meant to remove the wall between an artist's imagination and Blender's ability to work like a generative AI. It is said that it is not something that deprives the work of the artist's intention.

◆ 05: Coding by talking to Apple Watch
McKay Wrigley, who builds AI development tools and experiments with conversational AI, combines GPT-4 with iOS to post an amazing movie that performs coding just by talking to Apple Watch. According to Wrigley, it's still a relatively simple test that only works with a single file, but it will continue to run tests that run multiple files.

06: Combining GPT-4 and generative AI to create and edit movies and images
Genmo , a company that does business using generative AI in San Francisco, has announced ' Genmo Chat ' that creates and edits movies and images using GPT-4 and generative AI. Mr. Wood introduces this as 'an attempt to link humans and AI', and in fact, in the description of Genm, 'Creating with Genmo Chat feels like collaborating with colleagues. I can work.'

Genmo has posted some demo movies. In the demo below, by uploading one image material and entering 'Convert this image into a time-lapse animation', a movie that looks like the image is moving over time is output.

Also, the demo below shows how to edit an image of a 'cat wearing a hat'. First, when you command Genmo Chat to 'put out four patterns of hats', it will output things that have been changed to top hats and baseball caps of different colors. In addition, content is generated by exchanging ideas with Genmo Chat, such as ``Make hats more colorful,'' ``Make a movie of cats and hats,'' and ``I want to see other fashionable animals.''

◆ 07: Extract the abstract from popular papers on the information you want to know
Next, Mr. Wood introduces 'Consensus AI' by Shubham Sabu, who tweets about GPT-4, ChatGPT, and large-scale language models. It provides a summary of the paper in question. When asking a chatbot for the abstract of a paper, there are cases where it becomes unstable information because it collects all kinds of data such as pre-peer-reviewed papers, but Consensus AI seems to use only peer-reviewed papers as an information source. Also, like generative AI, when AI generates sentences, there are many cases where ``hoaxing'' occurs, but Consensus AI is said to reduce the possibility of inaccurate sentences by ``extracting'' from papers. matter.

◆ 08: AI reads the text and points out appropriate questions and improvements
Varun Shenoy, a student at Stanford University, has announced 'Merlin', which allows you to proofread and brush up your own sentences using GPT-4. Merlin understands the sentences it reads, asks appropriate questions to brush up the sentences, and suggests improvements to the sentences.

◆ 09: Creating a movie introduction application
Morten Just has released the iOS application '5 Movies' created with GPT-4. 5 Movies is an app that recommends 5 new movies every day along with 'trailers' and 'how to watch'. I create icon images. Also, when the UI was complicated in the first version, we also asked GPT-4 to fix it.

◆ 10: Create a game in the browser and play immediately
Garrett Scott-McCarrack, CEO of Pipedream Labs , which uses underground pipes for fast delivery, used GPT-4 to code a simple arcade game and build a website that can be played instantly. In the demo movie, by entering ' PONG playing with 4 balls', the specified game is played immediately. According to McCarrack, the probability of creating a game that works without problems is about 60%.

◆ 11: The first iOS game application built with GPT-4
The game app `` Dodgeblob '' released by Josh Pigford on the App Store on March 27, 2023 is introduced as ``the first game built with GPT-4''. Dodgeblob is a game that earns scores by collecting coins while avoiding obstacles, and can actually be downloaded from the App Store and played. Mr. Pigford has never touched the programming language ' Swift ' necessary for developing iOS applications, and he seems to have generated all the code with GPT-4.

◆ 12: Build a web scraping library with GPT-4
DataChazGPT, which develops generative AI and large-scale language models (LLM), has created 'Scrapeghost', which allows web scraping to extract information from websites without writing page-specific code. When scraping, you need a library that parses HTML and XML and extracts data, and this library is built with GPT-4.

◆ 13: Display the description of the query
Dune Analytic , a cryptoanalysis site, has implemented the ability to display natural language explanations for programming queries using GPT-4 and LLM. You can see what each query means by clicking the icon in the lower left corner of the editor.

◆ 14: Automatically operate the browser when typing sentences
``Taxy AI'' that uses GPT-4 to control the browser and automatically perform actions is published on Github, and you can search it by simply typing ``Search and play Oblivion on Netflix''. You can see a demo that automatically goes until the movie is played and automatically adds the event to the calendar.

Finally, Mr. Woods introduces his account as 'I am transmitting about other tools and strategies of GPT-4.'

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