Twitter blocks Pakistani government in India, further boosts media related to Chinese national authorities

Twitter has reportedly

geoblocked the official account of the Pakistani government, India's neighbor, only in India. There have also been reports of Chinese state-authority media being featured, despite having a policy of not recommending or boosting accounts labeled as state media.

Twitter blocks Pakistan gov, boosts dictators' state media • The Register

According to the IT news site The Register, accessing the Pakistani government's official Twitter account via an Indian IP address displays a notification that 'the account has been blocked in India as required by law.' It seems that it has disappeared. However, since the official Twitter account of the Pakistani government is displayed as other countries including Japan, you can see that it is not a comprehensive blocking but a region-limited geoblocking.

Indian media

Medianama said, ``This geo-blocking legal request is either a court order or an order from the Government of India issued under Section 69A of the IT Act, 2000. The latter. In that case, it would remain unclear why the account was geoblocked, as orders under Section 69A of the IT Act would be confidential.'

Medianama said that the Indian police had cut off the internet connection in the Punjab state in order to pursue the whereabouts of Mr. It is said that geoblocking the government's official Twitter account may be part of this crackdown.

The official Twitter account of the Pakistani government was geoblocked in India in July 2022, and this is the third time since October of the same year, and in neither case has Twitter announced geoblocking.

Prateek Waghre, policy director at the Internet Freedom Foundation, told The Register that ``Twitter's Indian entity has seen a significant reduction in its workforce due to job cuts, and ) I guess they don't have the human resources to respond to detailed requests.'

In addition, Wenhao, a journalist familiar with Chinese propaganda and Internet censorship, pointed out that Chinese media accounts are displayed as recommendations.

Twitter's policy, 'Regarding Government and State Authorities Media Account Labels,' states, 'For state authority media outlets, Twitter does not endorse or disseminate accounts with these labels or their Tweets.' It is defined. The Register criticized, ``The display of accounts labeled as'national authority-related media' on the recommended timeline violates Twitter's own policy.''

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