Distribution of 'iOS 16.4' started, enabling web push notification and voice separation of calls

On March 28, 2023, the latest version of iOS, ' iOS 16.4 ', which is the OS for iPhone, has started distribution. Several fixes have been added, including new emojis, web push notifications, voice isolation for calls, and more.

About iOS 16 Updates - Apple Support


iOS 16.4 new features: Here's everything for iPhone users

Apple releases iOS 16.4 with new emojis, web push notifications, voice isolation for calls & more | TechCrunch

21 new emojis are available in iOS 16.4. New emojis include a trembling face, a pink/gray/light blue heart, two pushing hands, a Wi-Fi icon, a fan, ginger, a pea pod, a jellyfish, an elk, a goose, a hairpin, maracas, and a flute. I have.

'Voice separation' is a function that blocks external sounds and extracts only the speaker's voice. This feature was previously only available on FaceTime, but will now be available on cellular calls as well. To use 'Voice Separation', open the control center during a call, tap the microphone mode and tap 'Voice Separation' OK.

Apple will showcase the ability for developers to send web-based push notifications to end users during WWDC 2022, and will bring web push notifications to Safari 16.1 with an update to

macOS Ventura released in October 2022. was adding. This web push notification will also be available on iOS. To use it, you need to add the website to your home screen.

It turns out that 'push notification from website' becomes possible on iOS 16.4 - GIGAZINE

Details of the update according to the official release notes of iOS16.4 are as follows.

- Emoji keyboard with 21 new emojis including animals, hand gestures and objects
・Notification of Web App added to home screen
Use Voice Isolation on cellular calls to prioritize your voice and block out background noise
・Photos Duplicates album now supports detecting duplicate photos and videos in iCloud Shared Photo Library
・VoiceOver now supports maps in the weather app
Added an accessibility setting that automatically dims the display when flashing lights or strobe effects are detected in the video
・Children's 'Communication Safety' allows parents/guardians to set a function to warn their children when they send or receive photos containing nudity.
Fixed an issue where approval and purchase requests from children would sometimes not appear on parent/guardian devices
Addresses an issue where a Matter-compatible thermostat may become unresponsive when paired with an Apple Home.
・Optimized collision detection for iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models

Although not included in the release notes, iOS 16.4 also adds new features such as 5G standalone support, 5G support in more countries and regions, and the reintroduction of the HomeKit architecture.

Here are the steps to update iOS:

Open the Settings app and tap General.

Tap 'Software Update'.

Tap 'Download and install'. The size of the update is 1.9GB.

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