``Visions of Chaos'' review that allows fully automatic image generation by generative art such as fractal figures, pandemics, double pendulums, ant colonies, and cell proliferation for free

Mathematics can explain various phenomena in everyday life, such as

traffic jams in cars , how rivers flow ,the shape of cauliflower , and the order in which anime episodes are played . Computers can easily visualize the world of mathematics. can do. ' Vision of Chaos ' is an application for Windows that visually generates world mathematical models of mathematics such as chaos theory and geometry, and can be used easily and free of charge.

Softology - Visions of Chaos

Access the above site and click 'here' in 'Click here to jump directly to the download section' displayed at the top of the site.

Click 'Click here to download Visions of Chaos.' to download the EXE format installer 'vocsetup.exe'. File size is 450MB.

Start the downloaded vocsetup.exe.

The installer will launch. Click 'Next'.

Specify the installation folder. Click 'Next'.

Click Next.

Click 'Install' to start the installation.

Click 'Finish' when installation is completed. Visions of Chaos will launch.

The launched Visions of Chaos looks like this.

You can select the model to generate by clicking 'Mode' in the top menu. This time, select 'Mandelbrot / Julia Sets' from 'Fractals'.

A settings window will open, click OK.

Then, a figure expressing

the Mandelbrot set as a fractal figure was generated as follows. Drag on the diagram to display the enlargement icon and click the '+' on the upper left.

Then, it was expanded as follows. A fractal is a figure that is complicated no matter how much it is enlarged by innumerable repetitions.

You can see how the Mandelbrot set is expanding more and more in the following movie.

I tried to expand the Mandelbrot set more and more with 'Visions of Chaos' - YouTube

Even if you expand it further, the same shape will continue repeatedly. The color is automatically determined, but it is also possible to change it. To change the color, click the color bar icon in the top left.

Since the color palette is displayed, select your favorite palette.

Then, the color of the figure changed as follows.

If you want to save the generated model as an image, select 'Save Image' from 'Image' in the upper menu. Images can be saved in BMP, JPG, and PNG formats.

The Mandelbrot set is one of the most famous fractal figures, but you can see fractal figure generation in 3D in 'planet' that uses this fractal figure to create a planet. You can see what the actually generated planet looks like in the following movie.

I simulated ``planet'' that generates planets from fractal figures with free software ``Visions of Chaos'' that generates mathematical models-YouTube

Visions of Chaos contains many other models that can be generated. For example, select '2D' from 'Agent Base Modeling' and select 'Ant Colony'.

In the Ant Colony generated in the following movie, the green block on the left of the screen shows how the ant (white dot) moves and draws a trajectory (red line) while returning to its nest (blue dot). You can see.

I tried to generate 'Ants Colony' model with Visions of Chaos - YouTube

A pandemic that spreads in a community, like the new coronavirus epidemic, can also be visualized as a mathematical model. Select '2D' from 'Agent Base Modeling' and click 'Pandemic'.

You can see what the pandemic model actually looks like in the following movie. Green is uninfected, red is infected, blue is recovered, and white is dead.

``Visions of Chaos'' can generate a pandemic model where the infection spreads quickly-YouTube

In this model, we ended up with just the healers and the dead. In addition, you can change the recovery rate and death rate after infection from the settings.

Select 'Sierpinski Triangle' from 'Recursion'.


Sierpinski's triangle was drawn. Pointillism generates an infinite number of self-similar triangles.

Also, select '2D' from 'Gravity' and select 'Light Gravity Simulation'.

Then you can see how a large amount of light rays are sucked into the gravity source and refracted.

The following movie is where Light Gravity Simulation is generated while changing the settings.

I tried generating a simulation in which a large amount of light rays are drawn into the gravity source with the free software 'Visions of Chaos' - YouTube

A popular model for explaining chaos in mathematics is the ' double pendulum '. 'Visions of Chaos' can actually simulate a double pendulum. Select 'Pendulums' from 'Pendulums'.

Visions of Chaos can simulate double pendulums, triple pendulums, and quadruple pendulums. In the following movies you can actually see the strange behavior of the double pendulum, triple pendulum and quadruple pendulum.

Simulation of double pendulum, triple pendulum, quadruple pendulum with 'Visions of Chaos' - YouTube

A simulation of how multiple types of cells spread in the same medium can be generated by selecting 'Cell Conquest' from 'Simulations'.

You can check how the four types of cells will compete with each other in the following movie.

I tried to generate ``Cell Conquest'' that simulates the competition for positions by proliferating cells in ``Visions of Chaos''-YouTube

There are various other models in 'Visions of Chaos', so if you are interested, please try to generate them yourself.

In addition, since anything can be done with fully automatic image generation, of course image generation AI by machine learning can also be executed, and the setup method is described below.

Softology - Visions of Chaos - Machine Learning Support

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