A summer adventure and healthy thighs revived in animation `` Ryza's Atelier Queen of Everlasting Darkness and the Secret Hideout '' Animation Commemorative Stage at AnimeJapan 2023 Report

In the popular game '

Atelier series ' that has continued for more than 25 years since 'Atelier Marie' in 1997, ' Atelier Ryza 3 ~ The End Alchemist and the Secret' is the final work of the 'Atelier Ryza' series that the main character continued for the first time. Kagi~ ” was released on March 24, 2023. In addition, it has been announced that the anime ' Atelier Ryza: The Queen of Everlasting Darkness and the Secret Hideaway ' will be aired in the summer of 2023, and to commemorate this, at AnimeJapan 2023 , 'Celebration! & Animation Commemorative AJ Special Stage' was held, so I went to see it.

Atelier Ryza 3 ~The End Alchemist and the Secret Key~

TV anime 'Atelier Ryza ~Queen of Eternal Darkness and Secret Hideout~' Official Website

Guests on stage were Yuri Noguchi, who plays the main character Reisalin Stout, Hitomi Owada, who plays Claudia Barents, Takuma Terashima, who plays Lent Marslink, Yui Kondo, who plays Tao Mongarten, and Ampel Volmer. Hiroshi Nojima, and Haruka Terui, who plays the role of Lila Desire. Yuri Noguchi appeared with Ryza's weapon, Grim Quartz.

At the venue, the story trailer of 'Atelier Ryza 3 ~The End Alchemist and the Secret Key~' was screened.

[3/23 release] `` Ryza's Atelier 3 '' story trailer-YouTube

In addition, a video of the anime 'Atelier Ryza: The Queen of Everlasting Darkness and the Secret Hideout', which will start broadcasting in the summer of 2023, was also screened. In the anime 'Atelier Ryza: Queen of Everlasting Darkness and the Secret Hideout', the appearance and settings of the characters, including Ryza, are based on the first game.

Anime `` Ryza's Atelier-Queen of Everlasting Darkness and Secret Hideaway '' Special News-YouTube

The cast roared at the high quality of the screened animation. In the talk about the game, 'Riza's thighs' was a topic, and the cast reacted slightly at the moment when Liza's healthy thighs were reflected.

When asked about what he thought when he heard that Atelier Ryza would be animated, Noguchi said, 'I'm honestly happy. I'm really happy to be playing Ryza to be able to go back and show it to new people, and I hope I can convey a new charm to her through the anime.'

Comments from Koei Tecmo Games producer Junzo Hosoi of Atelier Ryza, character designer Toridamono, and series composition Yashichiro Takahashi were also received, and there was even a scene where the cast read them aloud.

Lastly, Noguchi said, 'Thank you for coming here today. The theme of Atelier Ryza is summer adventure, so I'm really looking forward to it being broadcast in the summer. I am really very happy that I was able to realize this animation thanks to everyone who loved it. Please look forward to it on air.”

Group photo of the 6 cast members after the event

Also, at the Aniplex booth on the day, a 1/1 life-size figure of Ryza was on display.

In addition, you can see the state of 'Celebration!' Atelier Ryza 3 'Release & Animation Commemorative AJ Special Stage' from the following.

Congratulations! `` Ryza's Atelier 3 '' Release & Animation Commemorative AJ Special Stage-YouTube
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZikMiMYQ30 (Closed)

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