I have eaten 'Shikapan' filled with anko and chocolate in a deer horn-shaped dough in Wakkanai

When I visited

Wakkanai, the northernmost city in Japan, I was looking for a snack and came across deer antler-shaped ' Shikapan '.

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Wakkanai is the northernmost city in Japan, and Wakkanai Station on the JR Soya Main Line is the northernmost railway station in Japan.

On the north side of the station is the terminus of 'the northernmost railroad track in Japan'.

The building that houses Wakkanai Station is a redeveloped building called '

Kitacolor ', which houses the Soya Bus Wakkanai Ekimae Terminal, T-Joy Wakkanai , etc. The first floor is the shop and gourmet floor.

In the back is the Orange Egg Kitakara store.

Deer bread is sold from 11:00 to 17:00.

There are 4 types, so I bought all types.

There are four types: 'Anashi', 'Namara Choco', 'Cream' and 'Anko'.

The crust sells one piece every 6 seconds, using

Hokkaido wheat, and the red bean paste is made from 100% Hokkaido azuki beans from the Tanaka Seikan Chitose Factory.

It looks like a deer horn.

On the back side is the character 'Wakkanai'.

First of all, 'Anashi'. Crispy on the outside and strong and chewy on the inside. The dough itself has almost no sweetness, so you can enjoy just the chewy texture.

'Namara Choco (chocolate)' has a deep sweetness that goes well with the dough.

'Cream' has a smooth, soft sweetness.

And 'Anko' is a perfect match.

'Shika bread' is 150 yen for red bean paste, 200 yen for namarachoko, 170 yen for cream, and 170 yen for red bean paste. In addition, a set of 4 types of frozen items is sold for 700 yen for takeout.

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