Boss canned coffee boasts the largest caffeine content in history, but I drank two kinds of 'boss caffeine', which is super easy to drink and has a refreshing sweetness

From Suntory's coffee brand 'BOSS', canned coffee drinks with the concept of caffeine intake ' Boss Caffeine White Cafe ' and ' Boss Caffeine Caramel Cafe ' will appear on Tuesday, March 28, 2023. . The concept is to make it easy to take in caffeine while maintaining the taste of coffee that is easy to drink on a daily basis. I was able to drink ahead of time, so I tried to see what the taste of 'boss caffeine', which contains 200 mg of caffeine, the largest amount of caffeine in the history of boss canned coffee, really tastes.


Two types of 'Boss Caffeine' arrived at the editorial department in a white and orange two-tone cosmetic box.

When you open the cosmetic box, it looks like this.

'Boss Caffeine White Cafe' is a white package design.

Raw materials are sugar, coffee, dairy products, palatinose, etc.

Palatinose is a sugar made from sugar beet, and it is said that it has the characteristic of being slowly digested and absorbed in the body.

The calorie is 91kcal per 245g. The caffeine content is written as 200 mg per bottle, but the number may vary because it is derived from coffee beans.

I tried pouring it into a transparent cup. The color is a general latte-like shade.

Because of the high caffeine content, I thought it would be quite bitter or have a flavor like an energy drink before drinking, but when I actually drank it, it had a solid sweetness and milk coffee. You can feel the scent and smoothness of There is almost no bitterness, and you won't notice that the amount of caffeine is high unless you are told. The aftertaste is refreshing, and the sweetness is not sticky.

'Boss Caffeine Caramel Cafe' is an orange package design.

Raw materials are sugar, coffee, dairy products, palatinose, etc., the same as 'white cafe'.

The calorie is 91 kcal per 245 g, and the caffeine content is around 200 mg, which is also the same as 'White Cafe'.

I poured it into a transparent cup and checked the contents. The color is almost the same as 'White Cafe', but it has a sweet scent like burnt caramel.

When you actually drink it, it is characterized by the aroma and bitterness of burnt caramel, and you can feel the refreshing sweetness of 'White Cafe'. The caffeine content of 200 mg is incredibly easy to drink, and the editorial staff who tasted it said, ``Even though it contains caffeine like an energy drink, it tastes like coffee with milk. I commented.

“Boss Caffeine White Cafe” and “Boss Caffeine Caramel Cafe” will be released on March 28, 2023. The suggested retail price is 130 yen excluding tax.

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