Test delivery of new SNS 'Bluesky' developed by Twitter former CEO begins

Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, is developing a distributed SNS protocol 'AT Protocol', and at the same time

developing SNS 'Bluesky' that uses AT Protocol . A new Bluesky iOS version app has appeared on the App Store, revealing that Bluesky development has progressed to the testing stage.

Bluesky Social on the App Store

Jack Dorsey-backed Twitter alternative Bluesky hits the App Store as an invite-only app | TechCrunch

Existing SNS such as Twitter and Facebook operate with different mechanisms, so it is almost impossible to ``migrate to other SNS services while maintaining past history''. Aiming to break away from the existing centralized system of SNS, Mr. Jack Dorsey established the development organization 'Bluesky' of the distributed SNS protocol ' Authenticated Data eXperiment (ADX) ' that allows each user to use their own content on any platform. Launched in 2019. After that, in October 2022, ADX was renamed to 'AT Protocol', and at the same time, the development of SNS 'Bluesky' with the same name as the organization was announced.

Distributed SNS protocol development group launched by Twitter founder announces new SNS 'Bluesky' - GIGAZINE

In February 2023, a Bluesky app appeared on the App Store, and it became clear that development had progressed to the testing stage.

Bluesky's app could be installed in Japan, so I actually installed it. The boot screen says 'private beta'.

As a result of displaying the account creation screen, the input field of 'Invite code (invitation code)' was displayed, and only the holder of the invitation code could use it.

Below is a screenshot of Bluesky posted by TechCrunch, an overseas media. With Bluesky, you can enter up to 256 characters per post, and you can also post including images. Also, like Twitter, you can reply, repost (retweet), and like. In addition, it seems that functions such as block and mute are also installed.

Bluesky is calling for registration on the waitlist at the link below. The page says 'Register on the waitlist and try the beta version before the official release', so if you register on the waitlist and wait for a while, you can get an invitation code.

Bluesky Social

Added April 21, 2023:
A review article that actually creates a Bluesky account and checks how to use it has been published at the link below.

'Bluesky' account creation procedure & review like this when actually using it, it's very similar to Twitter, so it's pretty ant as a transfer / moving destination - GIGAZINE

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