Tesla's EV pickup truck 'Cybertruck' new prototype sighting information one after another

Regarding the `` Cybertruck '' announced by Tesla in November 2019 and whose release date is not yet known even though it has received many reservations, test runs of a new prototype model are being conducted to start production from the summer of 2023. It seems that there are sightings one after another. However, there are some things that make me feel uneasy about the degree of perfection.

The rear of a Cybertruck, sighted on February 1, 2023. One of the features of the new model is the triangular side mirrors.

You can see that it is equipped with a huge wiper that covers the entire windshield with one.

YouTuber What's Inside?, who has more than 7 million subscribers, witnessed and filmed a Cybertruck trying to move over the curb to the parking lot in a place that seems to be in front of the company building.

Cybertruck being watched by many staff. There is a staff member crouching down a little in front of the front wheel.

Eventually, the forward staff signaled the Cybertruck to move forward.

It seems that it is about to go over the curb, but it is a signal to stop once.

It seems that recording was stopped once, and from the point where recording was started again, Tesla's security car that stopped in front was in focus, and Cybertruck was blurred. Apparently, it seems that I got over the place where I stopped earlier.

Cybertruck lined up next to other cars. It seems that the staff outside is talking to the man in the driver's seat.

After that, the appearance of the staff carrying something like a wooden slope was also included.

According to 'What's Inside?', this is a scene from when I was filming something that could be used as a YouTube story. It is said that he posted it on Twitter almost unedited before making a video for it.

Regarding this, the news site Defector points out that pickup trucks are required to function at least off-road as ``death transport vehicles'', and Cybertruck is clearly underpowered.

Get A Load Of This Sorry Piece Of Crap | Defector

In addition, 'What's Inside?' separately shoots aerial footage of Cybertruck on February 25, praising its appearance.

However, it has been confirmed that there are difficulties in the operation of the headlights and taillights.

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