Popular game Dota 2 eliminates over 40,000 fraudulent accounts with cheater trap

The development team of the popular online game '

Dota 2 ' has announced that it has successfully eliminated more than 40,000 fraudulent accounts in a few weeks. A trap that detects cheaters was used to detect fraudulent accounts.

Dota doesn't welcome cheaters

Dota 2 is a popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed by the game company `` Valve '' that provides the PC game platform `` Steam '', and is the second most played on the Steam platform at the time of article creation. increase.

Dota 2, like other popular online games, is plagued by cheaters. It is important to ``modify the game program to make cheating difficult'' and ``strictly deal with cheaters'' for cheater countermeasures. Regarding this, the development team said, 'While our primary focus was fixing the underlying issues that made this cheat possible, we also made the decision to remove bad players from Dota's active player community. ”, and reports that it has strengthened `` strict measures against cheetahs ''.

There are a wide variety of methods for cheating, but this time the focus was on the cheat method of ``illegally reading data that should not be read during normal play''. The development team set up a trap in the area where ``data that should not be read during normal play'' is stored, and used the above method to eliminate the accounts that were cheating.

According to the development team, more than 40,000 accounts were permanently frozen by implementing cheat countermeasures. The development team said, ``Running any application that reads data from the Dota client during gameplay will result in a permanent ban on that account, preventing them from playing Dota. will be banned from participating in competitive events,' he said, indicating that even famous players will be excluded without exception.

The development team says that it will continue to focus on cheat countermeasures and maintain an environment where the game can be played under fair conditions.

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