What is the technology of VanMoof, a bicycle maker that almost returns with the latest technology even if it is stolen?

Some people must have felt frustrated when their entire bicycle was stolen in the past, or parts such as saddles and tires were taken away. Dutch bicycle manufacturer

VanMoof is trying to combat the problem of bicycle theft and reduce the number of thefts through the technology and marketing of electric assist bicycles.

VanMoof Bike Hunters - Tracking Down Stolen Bikes

VanMoof guarantees that 'if your bike is stolen, we will help you find it'. If VanMoof's bike hunters are unable to locate and recover your stolen bike within two weeks, VanMoof will replace it with a bike of equal or better condition free of charge. This ' Peace of Mind Guarantee ' is offered for $ 340 (about 46,000 yen) for a three-year contract.

According to a user who was on a $ 3,000 (about 400,000 yen) VanMoof S2, he was robbed at home in Manhattan, New York, despite being tightly locked. The user then reported to the police and reported 'I was a victim of theft' on the VanMoof app .

VanMoof bicycles that have been reported stolen on the app will go into 'theft mode' and will not be able to use the electric assist function and other smart functions. In addition, when a stolen bicycle is reported, an employee called a 'bike hunter' who is in charge of tracking the stolen bicycle starts a search at the same time. The video below shows the activities of the bike hunters.

Bike Hunt Report – December | VanMoof – YouTube

Bike hunters in charge of locating a stolen VanMoof S2 track the bike's automated signal to determine its approximate location.

Two full days have passed since the bike was stolen, but the traffic lights are concentrated in

Fort Greene , Brooklyn, New York. Moved, not moved,' speculation. After locating the approximate location, the bike hunter activates a tracking device using Bluetooth. According to VanMoof, Bluetooth is more accurate than GPS in order to accurately identify the final bicycle position.

After an intensive search by bike hunters, the stolen bike was found.

VanMoof, which launched its first e-bike in 2017, has seen its revenues grow, but theft has become a serious problem. VanMoof's goal is not to reduce the thriving cycle of stolen bicycles, but to reduce the underlying problem: bicycle theft.

VanMoof's electric assist bicycles combine design and technology to reduce theft damage. The latest electric assist bicycles, VanMoof S3 and X3, are equipped with a ' kick lock ' mechanism that locks the rear wheel in cooperation with a smartphone, and when the locked bicycle shakes, an alert is issued and a notification is sent to the user. increase. If you do not dismiss the alert within 2 minutes, your bike will automatically shut down its motors and smart features and send a notification to VanMoof. Additionally, it is manufactured with unique screws that require special tools to prevent theft after disassembly.

However, despite these efforts, about 30% of collection failures occurred in San Francisco, and more than that in New York. VanMoof's bike hunter speculates that ``New York has many professional bicycle thieves, as well as many underground and high-rise buildings, making it difficult to track.'' In addition, Bike Hunter said, ``There is a danger that stolen bicycles may be kept by violent thieves. It's not about arresting or prosecuting anyone.'

VanMoof's bike hunters still track stolen bikes using a variety of methods, including GPS, Bluetooth, and sometimes on foot. In addition, there are times when you accidentally find a stolen bicycle in the city or discover it at an online shop. VanMoof encourages the growth of the bicycle community by offering paid replacements and discounts to customers whose bicycles are stolen, even if they are not locked as recommended.

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