It is reported that the US Department of Justice is preparing a lawsuit for Adobe's acquisition of Figma as an antitrust violation

It is reported that the US Department of Justice is preparing to sue Adobe for alleged antitrust violations in response to Adobe's acquisition of the design management tool

Figma announced on September 15, 2022.

US DOJ Preps Antitrust Suit to Block Adobe's $20 Billion Figma Deal (ADBE, - Bloomberg)

Adobe stock slips on report saying DOJ plans suit to block Figma deal

US preparing antitrust suit to block Adobe plan to buy Figma -Bloomberg News | Reuters

On September 15, 2022, Adobe, which has become a major player in the design software market with the success of Photoshop and Illustrator, will sell Figma, a startup that develops design tools used to design interfaces for apps and web pages, to 20 billion yen. Acquired for US dollars (about 2.7 trillion yen).

Adobe acquires design tool 'Figma' for over 2 trillion yen, Figma brand will continue - GIGAZINE

``We are concerned that the US Department of Justice will reduce the options for design software that creators can use in response to Adobe's acquisition of Figma,'' said Bloomberg. Reuters also said, 'The acquisition of Figma, which is used for interface design, allows Aodbe to eliminate emerging competitors from the market.'

In addition to Figma, Adobe has acquired competitors in the past. In 2005, we acquired Macromedia , a rival company that developed Flash, Shockwave, Dreamweaver, etc.

It is reported that Adobe's acquisition of Figma was not only investigated by US regulators, but also antitrust investigations will be conducted in the EU and the UK.

On the other hand, an Adobe spokesperson said, ``The two companies focus on completely different product areas, such as Adobe developing creative tools, while Figme does interactive product design. 'We have engaged in constructive and cooperative discussions with EU regulators and expect to complete the acquisition of Figma in 2023, as planned.'

The U.S. Department of Justice declined to comment on the matter. According to Bloomberg, the lawsuit against Adobe could be filed as early as March 2023.

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