I tried playing 'Horizon Call of the Mountain' where you can fully enjoy the beautiful graphics and haptic vibrations of PlayStation VR2

The VR device ` ` PlayStation VR2 (PSVR2) '' that connects to PlayStation 5 (PS5) will appear on Wednesday, February 22, 2023. Since I had the opportunity to play `` Horizon Call of the Mountain '', which will be released as a first-party title that is officially compatible with PSVR2, I decided to actually try it to see what the next-generation VR experience would be like. I played.

Horizon Call of the Mountain | Game Title | PlayStation (Japan)


You can understand how to set up PSVR2 by looking at the following article.

If you actually set up a VR headset 'PlayStation VR2' that can be easily connected to PS5 with a single cable, it looks like this - GIGAZINE

When you start Horizon Call of the Mountain, it will calibrate first. First, select on / off of gaze tracking. It is possible to use gaze tracking instead of cursor movement when selecting options in the game.

You can choose seated (play while sitting) or standing (play while standing). Playing while standing allows you to move your body more and increases the sense of immersion, but it also consumes more physical strength.

You can choose to turn subtitles on or off. If subtitles are displayed in the VR space, there is a possibility that the feeling of immersion will be lost, so it may be a good idea to choose as you like. The audio is in Japanese by default.

You can choose from three operation settings. This time, I played with VR experienced settings of 'smooth camera rotation', 'complex operation', and 'no vignette effect '.

Calibration settings can be changed in detail later.

After finishing the settings, the game finally starts. You can see the introduction part at the beginning from the following movie.

The introduction part of the PlayStation VR 2 compatible title 'Horizon Call of the Mountain' looks something like this - YouTube

Looking around and judging by the conversations overheard, the player appears to be being escorted on a ship as a criminal.

A giant mechanical beast appears around the player's ship.

There is also a huge machine beast inside. The expression of sunlight leaking from the silhouette of the dinosaur is very realistic.

The display of PlayStation VR2 is an OLED 4K display, with a resolution of 2000 x 2040 pixels per eye, a viewing angle of 110 degrees, and a refresh rate of 90Hz / 120Hz. The VR display can inevitably be rough and the dots appear to float, but the scenery seen on the PSVR2 display is very natural. The Fresnel lens, which Sony independently developed, has little coma aberration, and the impression is that the surroundings are almost blurred or blurry.

As you go along the river, a mechanical beast called a watcher appears. It is a reconnaissance-type mechanical beast that acts in a herd and watches its surroundings, and the two rowing oars are also on alert.

But discovered, the crew fights with bows and arrows.

Being able to reach out and pull out the arrow stuck in the fallen Watcher is unique to VR games.

Then, a huge underwater mechanical beast appeared, finally creating an atmosphere like a theme park attraction.

But the ship capsizes. At the same time, vibrations are transmitted from the PSVR2 headset. I felt that the sense of realism was considerably improved by applying vibration not only to the controller but also to the head.

The adventure finally begins when you barely escape from the water.

Below is a movie that summarizes what you can actually do with Horizon Call of the Mountain, a title compatible with PSVR2. Basically, the content is to climb rocks, shoot bows and arrows, and progress steadily while exploring.

PSVR 2 compatible 'Horizon Call of the Mountain' pre-play, you can experience mountain climbing and bow and arrow with VR - YouTube

When climbing rocks and ropes, I actually use the controller to grab the surface of the mountain and climb, so I got a solid sense of climbing.

The bow and arrow, which is an important weapon, can be equipped with a motion that can be pulled in and out from the shoulder. It can be done very realistically.

There was also a point to shoot with a bow and arrow along the way, and elements were also prepared.

In addition, there are two patterns of movement during the game: 'gesture', which shakes both controllers while holding down the button, and 'stick', which is simply analog stick operation. There are places where sticks are easier to move intuitively for people who are used to games, but they move too smoothly, so if you are not used to it, you may get sick.

As I proceeded like that, I encountered a watcher. You have to fight with only bows and arrows.

You can see the battle attacking with a bow and arrow while avoiding the watcher's attack in the following movie.

I took a bow and fought with PSVR 2 compatible title 'Horizon Call of the Mountain' - YouTube

PSVR2 is still a wired VR device, so it is connected to PS5 with a cable. Unlike the previous generation PSVR, PSVR2 can be connected with just one cable, but the feeling of being 'connected by a cable' will inevitably detract from the immersion in VR. bottom.

However, what more than compensates for such a negative is that the beauty of the PSVR2 display and the immersive feeling of haptic vibration definitely improve the gaming experience. PSVR2 is a VR device that connects to PS5, not a standalone type that operates alone, so graphics and processing are very light, and the main body of the headset itself is also lightweight.

Basically, in Horizon Call of the Mountain, there are many scenes where you climb over rocky mountains and obstacles that appear in front of you, but you can grab the controller, grab the wall, and move your arms to aim higher. I felt that the 'movement' of going was properly dropped into the game. Also, the haptic vibrations from the VR headset add a lot to the immersion. Especially in scenes where the shock caused by a large object is transmitted to the whole body, the haptic vibrations from the VR headset create a sense of realism, giving you the feeling that you are in this world at the right time. gave me

The price of PlayStation VR2 is 74,980 yen including tax.

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