'PlayStation VR2' opening ceremony, what does the next generation VR device realized with PS5 look like?

PlayStation VR2 (PSVR2), a headset that allows you to enjoy high-quality VR by connecting to PlayStation 5, will be released on February 22, 2023. In addition to being able to connect to the PlayStation 5 main unit with a single cable, it has evolved greatly from the previous generation

PlayStation VR , such as a proximity sensor for tracking with an external camera and gaze tracking, a PlayStation VR2 Sense controller equipped with adaptive triggers and haptic vibration functions. Since I had the opportunity to experience PSVR 2 one step ahead, I first took pictures of the appearance and contents with a camera.

PlayStation VR2 | The next-generation VR game realized with PS5 is here | PlayStation (Japan)

The package of PSVR2 looks like this.

'A new 'reality' experience is here'

Open the package. The PlayStation logo is on the top of the inner box.

The △○×□ icon that symbolizes PlayStation was decorated on the front.

Pakari the lid.

When you take the small box, you can see the headset and controller wrapped in wrapping paper.

The PSVR headset looks like this, with only one USB Type-C cable. Cable length is about 4.5m.

The actual weight was about 738g.

Front of headset. It has 4 external cameras for tracking.

I tried to get closer to the external camera.

A ventilation hole for exhaust heat was provided at the top of the scope part. In the center is the Sony logo.

The left side. The light shield that covers the eyes with the headset has a bellows structure. A USB Type-C cable extends from the left side of the rear head pad.

right side.

I took a picture from behind. The rear head pads have a headband adjustment dial and a headband release button.

The headband is well made and can be fixed firmly from the back of the head.

Top surface. The dial on the left of the scope is a lens adjustment dial that allows you to physically adjust the interpupillary distance. On the right is the scope adjustment button.

If you press the scope adjustment button, you can make fine adjustments by moving the scope back and forth.

I took a picture from the bottom. The two holes on the bottom of the headband are the headphone mounting hole on the left and the stereo headphone jack on the right.

On the bottom of the scope are the function button, power button, and microphone from the left. By pressing the function button, you can view the pass-through video using the inside-out method using an external camera. You can also mute the microphone.

What was in the small box was the instruction manual, stereo headphones, replacement earpieces, and USB Type-C cable.

Stereo headphones can be fixed by inserting them into the headphone mounting hole and stereo headphone terminal on the bottom of the headband.

Stereo headphones are fixed like this. When using a VR device while wearing headphones, the cables of the headphones and earphones may dangle and get in the way. it won't work.

And this is the PlayStation VR2 Sense controller. There are sticks on the left and right, with the △ and □ buttons on the left, and the ○ and X buttons on the right.

The actual weight is 167g with only one side, which is almost the same as the controller of a general VR device.

It features a circular design that surrounds the wrist.

R1 button on the inside part, R2 trigger on the part where the index finger is put

When you actually take it in your hand like this.

I held it in my right hand and saw it from the side. You can press the R2 trigger with your index finger and the R1 button with your middle finger.

I took it in my left hand. It is quite easy to hold, and there is no feeling that it will be impossible to hold it. In addition, the controller is a moderate size, so you can grip it tightly with a hand of a general size without having to worry that the controller is too big to grip.

Regarding the contents of the headset and controller, Sony has officially released the following disassembly video, so please check it out if you are interested.

PlayStation®VR2 disassembly video (headset edition)-YouTube

PlayStation®VR2 disassembly video (PS VR2 Sense controller edition)-YouTube

At a later date, we plan to write an article about what kind of VR content you can experience by actually connecting this PSVR2 to the PS5, so please look forward to it.

The price of PlayStation VR2 is 74,980 yen including tax.


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