It turns out that children spend an average of 107 minutes per day on TikTok, significantly exceeding YouTube's 67 minutes

TikTok boasts explosive popularity as a short video sharing SNS, especially among the younger generation, and it was reported that in 2021,

the average video playback time per user exceeded that of YouTube . A new report released by the developer of the parental control app Qustodio , which is used in over 4 million households around the world, shows that children aged 4 to 18 will spend 107 hours on TikTok in 2022. It turned out that it reached 67 minutes, significantly exceeding YouTube's 67 minutes.

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Qustodio will investigate the usage of apps by children in 2022, from January 1 to December 31, 2022, from more than 400,000 households in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Spain that have introduced Qustodio. We collected usage as anonymous data.

As a result of the survey, it was found that the child spends an average of 1 hour 47 minutes (107 minutes) on TikTok per day. On the other hand, the average viewing time of YouTube per day is 1 hour 7 minutes (67 minutes), which is a big difference to TikTok even with the same video viewing application.

Below is a graph of the average usage time per day for each SNS in the whole. 1st place TikTok is 107 minutes, 2nd place Snapchat is 72 minutes, 3rd place Instagram is 45 minutes, 4th place Facebook is 20 minutes, 5th place Pinterest is 16 minutes, 6th place Twitter is 10 minutes. minutes. Qustodio points out that the number of children using Twitter increased by 7% in 2022, and that it is becoming more popular among children.

Technology media TechCrunch points out that SNS companies are forced to respond to short videos due to the momentum of TikTok. Successful ones include YouTube's short video function ``

YouTube Short '', and from February 2023, the partner program was revised so that short videos can receive advertising revenue. On the other hand, Instagram also offers a short video function ' reel ', but some users say that they have received too many video recommendations.

In order to receive advertising revenue from short videos on YouTube from February 1, 2023, it is necessary to agree to the new regulations by July 10 to continue monetizing on YouTube due to the revision of the partner program-GIGAZINE

Looking at the figure below, which shows the percentage of SNS used by children, in the whole (green), TikTok is ranked 1st at 44%, Facebook is ranked 2nd at 38%, Snapchat is ranked 3rd at 36%, 4 Ranked 36% on Pinterest, 5th on Instagram with 34%.

Below is a diagram showing popular video distribution services by country. In all (green), the United States (yellow), the United Kingdom (light blue), Spain (pink), and Australia (purple), YouTube is ranked first, Netflix is ranked second, and Disney + is third except for Spain. It is According to Qustodio, the amount of time children spend on video distribution services will increase by 18% in 2022.

It also showed that 59% of children are playing on the online gaming platform

Roblox , spending an average of 180 minutes per day. Looking at the graph below comparing the average usage time per day for each game application, Roblox in all (green), the United States (yellow), the United Kingdom (light blue), Spain (pink), and Australia (purple) You can see that is the overwhelming first place.

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