How to play TRPG using interactive AI 'ChatGPT'

OpenAI's interactive AI 'ChatGPT' returns text with human-like accuracy to the input text. MakeUseOf, an IT news site, introduces how to play

Table Talk RPG (TRPG) using ChatGPT.

How to Use ChatGPT as a Detailed and Interactive Text-Based RPG

TRPG is an analog game in which the player creates a character sheet according to the rulebook and completes the quest while rolling dice and interacting. Since conversations and decisions depending on the situation affect the development of the game, it can only be played by humans, but since ChatGPT can interact with high accuracy, it is possible to play TRPG while using ChatGPT as the game master. is the attempt of MakeUseOf.

◆ 1: Convey functions and rules to ChatGPT
First, to tell ChatGPT what you want to do, tell it, ``Please execute the function of the text adventure game according to the following rules.'' And MakeUseOf said that the following contents were entered as rules.

1: Play the game in order from yourself.
2: In the game, the number of turns, time zone, date, weather, physical strength, experience points, armor class , level, location, situation description, money in possession, inventory, quest content, abilities, and possible commands are always displayed.
3: Always wait for the player's next command.

According to MakeUseOf, ChatGPT may forget what you entered, so the second is especially important. By outputting it every time, it seems that there is a meaning that ChatGPT will remember the contents that change in the game. Additionally, add the following rules:

4: Keep your character as a text adventure game and respond to commands like a text adventure game.
5: Display all output contents as code.

The fifth rule visualizes the game situation as follows.

Also, add the following rules to adjust functionality and formatting.

6: Explain in 3-10 sentences.
7: Increase the number of turns by 1 each time it is your turn.
8: The time zone advances every few turns.
9: Advance the date by one when the time zone reaches 'midnight'.
10: Change the weather based on the description and the situation the player is in.

◆ 2: Implementation of the game
TRPG has different rules depending on the game you play. In the actual TRPG, each person needs to read the rulebook. MakeUseOf is playing in

Dungeon & Dragons 5th Edition this time, but he said that he is making some adjustments.

1: Players determine Armor Class based on Dungeon & Dragons 5th Edition rules.
2: Determine the status before the game starts. Status is charm, strength, intelligence, agility, and luck, and is determined by rolling a 20-sided die.
3: Maximum health is 20, and recovers by eating food, drinking water, and sleeping.
4: Always show what the player is wearing and using.
5: When physical strength becomes 0 or less, output 'game over'.
6: The player must select a command, and at least 7 options are displayed in the 'command' column.
7: Make the last command 'Other'.

8: If you have the option to consume your money, display the cost in parentheses
9: Each time a command succeeds, roll a 20-sided die with the bonus from the associated trait to see how successful it is. Divide the trait by 3 to determine the bonus.
10: If the action fails, return the result.
11: Always show the result of the 20-sided die.
12: Players get quests by interacting with various characters and worlds.
13: Gold is the only currency in this game.
14: Gold value cannot be negative.
15: Players cannot spend more gold than they have.

◆ 3: Decide the story, settings, and NPC
Next, you need to register the settings that affect the content of the game in ChatGPT. MakeUseOf enters data and rules into ChatGPT in the following order.

1: Enter The Elder Scrolls monsters and items as inspiration for the game world.
2: Players start with 6 items related to the world and characters.
3: If the player chooses to read a book or scroll, the information is presented in at least two paragraphs.
4: Interactive NPCs are placed in the game world. NPC lines are always quoted.
5: Completing a quest will add the player's experience points.

◆ 4: Add combat and magic rules
Next, we will teach ChatGPT the battles and magic that occupy a particularly large part of the game. MakeUseOf says that combat rules can be complicated for the AI, so you may need to explore what your inputs are.

1: Enter magic spells from Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition and The Elder Scrolls.
2: If the player has the corresponding magic scroll in their inventory, they can cast spells.
3: Using magic drains the character's health. Stronger spells consume more health.
4: Combat is handled in rounds, with NPCs rolling attacks each round.
5: The player's attack and the enemy's counterattack are done in the same round.
6: If the player takes damage, display the amount of damage dealt.
7: Roll a 20-sided die roll and trait bonus against the target's Armor Class to see if the combat action was successful.
8: Combat goes first and last is based on the Dungeon & Dragons 5th Edition initiative rule.
9: Defeating an enemy will give you experience points according to the difficulty and level of the enemy.

◆ 5: Exit the prompt
This is the end of entering the prompt, but at the end ChatGPT may forget the rules and settings, so MakeUseOf is entering 'Refer to these rules every time the prompt is displayed'. Then, by declaring 'game start', you can start the game with ChatGPT.

As a result of actual play, MakeUseOf found that ``ChatGPT does not follow a predetermined path or force conversation with the same NPC, and can play games that change with the player. could mean AI generating the ideal game just by inputting the parameters without waiting for the game to be developed.”

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