``verylegit.link'' that turns the URL into a dubious long link instead of shortening it

URL shortening services like

Bitly are useful when sharing URLs on services with character limits such as Twitter. A service ` ` verylegit.link '' has appeared, which is the opposite of the URL shortening service that makes URLs short and easy to see. The developer is @mangopdf , a hacker.

Heaps legit links

How to use verylegit.link is easy, just access the above URL, enter the URL you want to convert in the text box and click 'Make it look dodgy'. This time, I tried converting ' https://www.google.com ' which is the top page URL of Google search.

The output URL is '

http://win2003.verylegit.link/ip-camera)307windows-update_.min.js.rar.dmg ' and can be copied by clicking 'Copy to clipboard'.

However, at the time of writing the article, even if you convert the URL using verylegit.link, it will be linked to a web page that says ' Google App Engine credit has been exhausted'. Apparently, I used Google App Engine to build verylegit.link, but the credit ran out and the service became unavailable. The page also says 'Don't worry, we will fix it within 24 hours', so you can expect it to be available again soon.

In addition, since the source code of verylegit.link is published on GitHub, it is possible to independently build a system that wastefully lengthens the URL.

GitHub - defaultnamehere/verylegit.link: A URL shortener, but it makes the URLs look extremely dodgy instead

According to the developer @mangopdf, the URL generated by verylegit.link is designed to link to the same web page even if the domain name is different if the directories below the '/' that follow are the same. increase. For example, ' verylegit.link/exploit+411botnet.xlsx.rar.pdf ' and ' win2003.verylegit.link/exploit+411botnet.xlsx.rar.pdf ' are domain names 'verylegit.link' and 'win2003.verylegit. Although it is different with 'link', the directory is the same, so it is linked to 'the same web page'.

@mangopdf wrote, ``I think that the URL generated by verylegit.link is as safe as an ordinary shortened URL service,'' while ``However, even if the URL links to a dangerous web page, the source You can only click on the URL by believing in it.' We ask that you open the link generated by verylegit.link at your own risk.

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