China could go to war with the US in 2025, military commander warns

US Air Force General Mike Minihan said in a memo to units under his command that a potential conflict with China could begin in 2025.

US General Michael Minihan warns war with China possible in 2025 - The Washington Post

As head of Air Mobility Command, which oversees the Air Force's fleet of transport planes and tanker planes, Minihan warned his personnel to be alert to China and quickly prepare for a potential conflict.

Mr. Minihan said, 'My gut feeling is that we will fight in 2025. The Xi Jinping administration has entered its third term and has advanced military reforms. Presidential elections in Taiwan and presidential elections in the United States will be held in 2024. , It's also why the two countries are distracted. Xi Jinping's army, the reasons for the conflict, the opportunities will all be aligned in 2025,' he wrote in the memo.

by US Institute of Peace

A memo signed by Mr. Minihan was addressed to all Wing Commanders of Air Mobility Command and other Air Force Operations Commanders, and in addition to the above warning, all necessary measures to prepare for war with China by February 28, 2023. It is said that it is ordered to report the major efforts of the minihan. All soldiers were also required to update their records and emergency contacts.

'These comments do not represent the Department's views on China,' a Defense Department official said after NBC reported the memo's existence.

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