Cup noodles `` Nissin's Donbei Pork Soup Udon '' tasting review that embodies `` If you put udon in miso and burdock fragrant pork soup ''

From January 30, 2023 (Monday), `` Nissin's Donbei Pork Soup Udon '', which features stewed noodles soaked in pork flavor, has been added to Nissin Foods' cup noodle brand `` Donbei ''. I was worried about the taste of the soup, which is a feature of pork and vegetables, so I actually tried it.

Nissin Donbei Pork Soup Udon | Nissin Food Group

The package of 'Nissin Donbei Pork Soup Udon' looks like this.

Fried noodles, kelp extract, pork extract, etc. are used as raw materials.

The calorie is 416 kcal per meal.

Inside was a quick liquid soup and a small bag of shichimi.

Also, fried tofu is already put in.

First of all, open the small bag and put it in.

Add hot water and wait 5 minutes. Keep the liquid soup warm on the lid during this time.

After 5 minutes, put the liquid soup.

Mix well.

Finally, add shichimi and you're done.

The first thing I noticed when I took a bite was the distinct taste and aroma of pork miso soup. The thick soup with miso and soy sauce goes well with the smooth udon noodles. The faintly fragrant burdock and deep-fried tofu emphasize the pork miso soup. I drank the soup like pork soup unintentionally because of the high degree of reproducibility, but since the taste is darker than pork soup, I felt that people who were interested could dilute it with hot water.

The price of 'Nissin Donbei Pork Soup Udon' is 214 yen excluding tax and is sold nationwide.

In addition, sells 12 pieces for 2595 yen including tax.

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