Coffee chocolate and cream cheese tiramisu tried crepe ice cream 'The Crepe [Tiramisu Flavor]' with an adult flavor

`` The Crepe [Tiramisu Flavor] '', which is finished for adults with the bittersweet and high-quality taste of tiramisu, will be released on January 23, 2023. Appeared in (Monday). Using mascarpone cheese and cream cheese, I was interested in a limited-time flavor crepe ice cream that combines flavorful coffee chocolate with ice cream that allows you to enjoy both richness and fresh taste, so I actually bought it. I tried it.

A special dessert-like ice cream for adults “The Crepe [Tiramisu Flavor]” New release from January 23 (Monday)! | 2023 | News Releases | Morinaga & Co.

The Crepe [Tiramisu Flavor] | Bar / Others | Ice | Morinaga & Co., Ltd.

This is 'The Crepe [Tiramisu Flavor]'.

The package states that 'black biscuit crunch' is studded with 'coffee chocolate' and 'ice with mascarpone'.

Looking at the raw materials, you can see that 'cocoa biscuits', 'coffee' and 'cheese food' are used. Also, Western liquor (0.2% alcohol content) is used as a secret ingredient, so people who refrain from drinking alcohol should be careful.

The calorie is 214 kcal per piece.

The following is what I removed the package at once. You can see coffee chocolate mixed with mascarpone ice cream.

When I turned it over, it was covered with cocoa biscuits. When you eat it, you can feel the rich taste of mascarpone and cream cheese, and then the fragrant coffee chocolate flavor spreads in your mouth. The crepe fabric was sticky, and along with the black biscuit crunch that added crunchiness and bitterness to the ice cream, it was a good texture accent.

The cross section of ice is like this.

``The Crepe [Tiramisu Flavor]'' has been on sale at convenience stores nationwide since January 23, 2023 (Monday), and the reference retail price is 194 yen including tax.

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