It is clear from the testimony of a former employee in the US Congress that Twitter has a 'God Mode' that allows you to freely tweet from anyone's account

A former Twitter employee has filed a whistleblower complaint pointing out the company's lax security posture. According to the testimony of this former employee, Twitter has a 'GodMode' that 'will allow you to tweet freely from any account', and you can freely delete or restore tweets. One thing is clear.

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Twitter GodMode still available to all engineers, following huge hack

In October 2022, Whistleblower Aid, a non-profit law firm, filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), citing issues such as Twitter's handling of personal information. Since then, the FTC has been interviewing former Twitter employees and others.

Concerns about Twitter's security arose in 2020 when a 17-year-old young man at the time hacked Twitter's internal system and tweeted from Elon Musk and Barack Obama's Twitter accounts. am.

Twitter company / celebrity accounts such as Apple and Elon Mask are hacked all at once - GIGAZINE

Whistleblower Aid's complaint states, ``After hacking a teenager to tweet on any Twitter account in 2020, Twitter publicly said the problem was fixed. exists, and it is clear that Twitter's official statements to users and investors were false or misleading.'

A former Twitter employee testifying in the Whistleblower Aid lawsuit leaked Twitter insider information to The Washington Post on condition of anonymity. According to him, God mode has been renamed to ``privileged mode'' and remains at the time of article creation. The reason why this mode exists is that Twitter employees tweet on behalf of ``advertisers who cannot tweet themselves''.

In response to the FTC lawsuit, Twitter said that ``too many Twitter employees had access to internal systems and user data,'' and said that a rationally designed comprehensive package to enhance the company's security, privacy, confidentiality, etc. agreed to set up a comprehensive information security program. However, even after that, Twitter remained in god mode, and it seems that any engineer at the company could easily access it. However, when using God mode, a warning message was displayed on the screen saying 'Please think carefully before doing this'. The former employee also said, 'Twitter does not have the ability to record which engineers used or abused God Mode.'

And while Musk has said the company's security has improved since it acquired Twitter, several security staffers who recently left the company say Twitter's situation has gotten even worse under Musk. It seems that

Ella Irwin, Twitter's head of trust and safety, and Parag Agrawal, former CEO of Twitter, did not respond to requests for comment from The Washington Post.

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