I tried eating a spicy Mac nugget ``Spicy Chicken McNugget Black Pepper Garlic'' reprinted for the first time in a year with two kinds of limited-time sauces

A new flavor of McDonald's side menu 'Chicken McNugget' ' Spicy Chicken McNugget Black Pepper Garlic ' has been available since January 18, 2023 (Wednesday). It is said that the taste of coarsely ground black pepper and garlic is delicious, so I tried it together with the limited-time sauce `` Rich black garlic sauce '' and `` Addictive spicy cheese sauce '' .

'Spicy Chicken McNugget Black Pepper Garlic' will be available for a limited time from 1/18 (Wednesday)! | McDonald's Official

'Spicy Chicken McNugget Black Pepper Garlic' appeared for a limited time just one year ago in January 2022, and this time the limited-time sauce has been renewed.

I tried a new flavor of McNugget 'Spicy Chicken McNugget Black Pepper Garlic' with spicy umami with two limited-time sauces-GIGAZINE

Arrived at McDonald's.

I immediately took out 'Spicy Chicken McNugget Black Pepper Garlic'. This time I bought two 5 pieces to get 2 types of limited time sauce.

When I open the lid it looks like this. There is a scent of black pepper and garlic.

You can see that coarse black pepper is mixed in the clothes on the surface.

Comparing 'Spicy Chicken McNugget Black Pepper Garlic' (left) and regular 'Chicken McNugget' (right) looks like this. 'Spicy Chicken McNugget Black Pepper Garlic' mixed with black pepper has a darker color than 'Chicken McNugget'.

If you eat it as it is, the spicy black pepper spreads in your mouth along with the crispy clothing and soft texture chicken. Combined with the garlic punchy flavor, it leaves a spicy aftertaste, and the nugget alone is a satisfying finish.

Next, I will eat it with various sauces.

First, let's combine it with 'rich black garlic sauce'.

When the lid was peeled off, a sauce mixed with dark black pepper appeared. When you bring your face closer, you can feel the strong scent of soy sauce.

If you dip and eat 'Spicy Chicken McNugget Black Pepper Garlic', you will feel a strong garlic taste with the garlic flavor of the sauce combined with the garlicky nuggets. By combining nuggets and sauce, the punchy flavor matched the spiciness of black pepper, and the next bite was a source.

Next is 'Addictive Spicy Cheese Sauce'.

Peel off the lid to reveal a bright orange sauce. The sauce has a strong cheese scent and a sour smell.

When you dip the nuggets and eat them, the strong cheese aroma and sourness make the black pepper taste mild. The mellow sauce had a deep flavor that felt the flavor of cheese.

The store price of 'Spicy Chicken McNugget Black Pepper Garlic' is 240 yen including tax, but the price is different at some stores and delivery. `` Spicy Chicken McNuggets Black Pepper Garlic '', `` Rich Black Garlic Sauce '', and `` Addictive Spicy Cheese Sauce '' are on sale for a limited time from January 18, 2023 (Wednesday) to mid-February 2023. .

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