I was able to register for Discord's 'server discovery (server discovery)' & how to register & record of fierce battle until registration

On the

official Discord server managed by GIGAZINE, you can browse the latest news and write in a forum full of information related to GIGAZINE's articles. You can participate in such an official Discord server via an invitation link or widget, but you can now also participate from the server search service `` Server Discovery '' provided by Discord. Since a small accident occurred when applying for participation in server discovery, I tried to summarize how to use server discovery, how to apply for participation, and how to contact the support team.

Server Discovery – Discord

◆ How to search GIGAZINE server with server discovery
Server Discovery is a feature available in the desktop version and web application version of Discord, and can be accessed by clicking the compass mark placed at the bottom of the server list on the left side of the screen.

The server discovery screen looks something like this. You can search for servers by entering the words you want to search for in the search bar at the top of the screen. To search the GIGAZINE official server, enter words such as 'GIGAZINE' 'gigazine' 'Gigazine' and press the Enter key OK.

A link to the GIGAZINE official server will be displayed in the search results column, so click.

Then, the introduction screen of the GIGAZINE official server will be displayed. To browse the server, just click anywhere on the screen.

When accessing the GIGAZINE official server from Server Discovery, it is treated as ``preview mode'', so you need to click the part marked ``Join GIGAZINE'' at the top of the screen to join the server.

On the GIGAZINE official server, new articles are delivered quickly, and there is also a forum where anyone can write, so please join us if you are interested!

◆ How to apply for server discovery
For anyone running a Discord server, we've put together a step-by-step process to apply to participate in Server Discovery. First, click 'Server Settings' from the server menu to open the settings screen.

When the setting screen is displayed, click 'Discovery' to display the details screen of server discovery.

On the detailed screen, the conditions necessary for applying for participation in server discovery, such as `` 1000 members or more '' and `` 8 weeks or more have passed since the server was opened '' are written in a row. If all items have a blue check mark as shown below, you can apply for participation in server discovery.

After confirming that you meet the participation conditions, click 'Set up server discovery'. In addition, although it is described as 'server discovery' on the screen, the Discord support team called it 'server discovery', so this article also describes it as 'server discovery'.

The application screen looks like this. First, write a descriptive text outlining your server and click Next.

Next, select the server category and subcategory and click 'Next'.

Next, enter a tag that makes it easier to find, and click 'Next'.

Read the community guidelines and server discovery guidelines carefully and check them, then click 'Finish'.

Participation in server discovery is completed when the following screen is displayed. To close the application screen, click 'OK' OK.

When you close the application screen, you can check how it looks on the server discovery and register the background. Click 'Upload background' to register the background.

Then select the image you want to use as the background. The minimum recommended background image size is 1920x1080 pixels and the recommended aspect ratio is 16:9.

After uploading the background, click 'Save changes' at the bottom right of the screen.

To check if the application was successful, open Server Discovery and search for 'GIGAZINE'.

Then, the link to the GIGAZINE official server was displayed as follows. However, the background image that should have been registered is not reflected.

The background image was not reflected even after 5 days from registration, so I contacted the Discord

support page to inquire that the background image was not reflected.

Immediately after inquiring, I received a message in English that said, 'Please wait for a while.'

Furthermore, a few hours later, I received a reply in Japanese. The Discord support page was partially written in English, so I wrote the inquiry in English, but it seems that Japanese is OK for inquiries from Japan.

After that, I repeated the exchange, but I could not find out the reason why the background image was not reflected. Contact with the Discord support team ended with the message 'I will tell another team', but when I checked again 8 days after registration, the background image was reflected. It is unclear whether the background image is reflected 'because the support team responded' or 'because time has passed' because the contact was lost, but if you encounter the phenomenon that the background image is not reflected, wait first, and wait for a while. If it is not reflected, it is recommended to contact support with a screenshot and information such as the OS and browser used.

◆ There is also a GIGAZINE BOT!
As mentioned above, you can join the GIGAZINE official Discord server from the invitation link or server discovery. Also, for readers who want to quickly check GIGAZINE's new articles on their own server!

Summary of how to insert and use the bot 'GIGAZINE BOT' that can quickly check the new articles of GIGAZINE on Discord - GIGAZINE

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