Numerous bugs have been reported in Twitter's 'video playback', 'tweet display', 'editing function', etc.

Since Twitter was acquired by Elon Musk, the company has undergone a large-scale personnel reduction , and as a result of this, a large-scale system failure has occurred since the beginning of 2023. There are many other bugs on such Twitter, and many reports have been reported by users.

Everything that's broken on Twitter right now, from video plays to follower counts | Mashable

Bugs reported on Twitter are as follows.

◆: The video stops in the middle of playback, but the audio continues to play.
'Many videos on Twitter have started randomly freezing, but the audio keeps playing or cuts out in the middle.'

'Eelon Please make Twitter play videos normally again. I can't live like this. I just want videos to play normally. On Twitter now, videos pause and only audio keeps playing. Or, when it reaches a certain point, the video will start playing from the beginning.'

◆ Even if you scroll the video or leave Twitter and open another app, the audio of the video will continue to play.
“Dear Twitter, Please fix all videos on your platform. ”

'New fun Twitter glitch! Video audio continues to play after scrolling away from video...'

- Liked videos are automatically muted
'Twitter found a bug. If you like a video while the volume is on and the video is playing, the video will be muted. I'm using Android (Pixel 6) and this is probably related doing'

'One weird Twitter bug I've experienced is if you watch a video with sound and like it, the audio will be muted, even if you delete the like.'

'Dear Twitter support, I don't know if it's just my device, but if you like a video with sound while it's playing in full screen, the video will continue to play even though the audio is muted. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S22 with Android 13.'

◆When you edit a tweet with a video, the video of the edited tweet turns into an image.
A tweet showing that ``editing a tweet with a video will turn it into an image'' in an easy-to-understand manner with a video

◆ Edited tweets are displayed multiple times at the top of the home feed
'Are there any plans to fix the issue where edited tweets keep appearing at the top of the feed?'

'Twitter bug ruins the best feature of this app: live sports. Exactly the same 10 minute old and edited tweets keep cycling through the top of my feed.'

'Elon Musk doesn't seem to see edited tweets. Ever since this feature came out, edited tweets have been in a mode where they show the most recent tweets, and they stay at the top of the feed even after 15-20 minutes have passed since the tweet. Great.'

◆ Replies are not displayed in notifications
'Replies don't show up on the notification screen. It's like there are no replies unless you view the tweet you posted. This has been happening for at least two months when we've noticed a drop in response from users.'

Increased follower count for both following and unfollowing accounts
'Every time I try to follow @domnguyen5653 he gets a new follower that doesn't exist'

◆ It is displayed only for a moment when the blocked user's tweet is opened for the first time
'It's insane to see deleted tweets on Twitter or the tweets of people who blocked you with a quick click.'

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