Staff at Twitter Asia headquarters ordered to move out for non-payment of rent

It turns out that employees at the Singapore office, which functioned as Twitter's Asian headquarters, were ordered to leave the premises. Twitter, which is carrying out thorough cost reductions by Elon Musk CEO, has been

reported to have been behind in rents for offices around the world, including its headquarters in San Francisco.

Elon Musk's Twitter Singapore HQ Workers Told to Clear Desks, Work From Home - Bloomberg

Twitter Employees Escorted Out of Singapore Office

Officials who spoke to the media on condition that their names were not disclosed said that Twitter staff in Singapore will leave the building by 17:00 on January 11, 2023 and resume work remotely the next day. I was told that I was notified by email to do so. Staff have been relocated as remote workers in the company's internal system until further notice.

The Singapore office, which was based in Capita Green , one of Singapore's leading skyscrapers, has been functioning as Twitter's Asia-Pacific headquarters since 2015, but Mr. Musk has significantly reduced the number of staff. Staff laid off include Nur Azhar Bin Ayob, who was recently hired as Site Integrity Officer for Asia Pacific.

Mr. Musk, who became CEO of Twitter in October 2022, has expressed a sense of crisis from the beginning, saying, `` It wouldn't be strange if Twitter went bankrupt in 2023. '' We are also behind on rent payments for offices across the country. This time, Twitter employees at the Singapore headquarters were ordered to leave the office because of non-payment of rent.

However, there is also information that Mr. Musk has paid the rent for the office that was overdue, so ``all the staff who were laid off over the weekend will return to the office.''

Twitter, which does not have a public relations department, did not respond to media requests for comment. A spokesperson for CapitaGreen's owner, CapitaLand, also said, 'Twitter remains a tenant of CapitaGreen,' but did not provide further details.

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