Puzzle game 'Rotaboxes' that turns the panel that can be played for free and derives the correct picture

When it comes to games in which you move a disassembled picture back and forth to put it back together, you may think of '

Slide & Go ', but there is also a similar but slightly different puzzle game called ' Rotaboxes '. I actually played what it was like.

Rotaboxes - the daily image puzzle game

You can check how to play Rotaboxes in the following video.

I tried playing with the puzzle 'Rotaboxes' that turns the panel and returns it to the correct image - YouTube

Visit the official website to play Rotaboxes. When accessed, one photo divided into 24 pieces of 6 × 4 is displayed as follows. 24 panels can be rotated by 90 degrees. When all the panels are rotated in the correct direction, one picture is completed and the game is cleared.

When you move the cursor over the panel, a rotation icon is displayed, so you can rotate it by clicking in that state.

Clicking on the left side of the panel rotates it 90 degrees left, clicking on the right side rotates it 90 degrees right.

Rotaboxes aims to 'complete the picture with as few clicks as possible'. Therefore, you should try to rotate it to the correct orientation as much as possible with each click.

When the picture is completed, fireworks will be launched and the score will be displayed.

The score at the time of the first play was like this. The ideal number of clicks is 30, while your number of clicks is 40. It was the result of surpassing the target number of times.

You can challenge as many times as you want in a day, but you can only challenge one type of picture per day. It looks like it's good to have a morning brain exercise once a day.

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