An attempt to create a new interior design using image generation AI 'Stable Diffusion'

An attempt to have AI generate various interior designs using ``

Stable Diffusion '', an image generation AI that can generate an image according to the entered text or generate another image from one image. by Karen X. Cheng and Justin Alvey .

According to Mr. Alvey, this attempt uses a model called ' Depth-Guided ' that appeared in version 2.0 of Stable Diffusion, which can estimate the depth of the input image and output the image. We have AI propose various interior designs based on the interior.

Depth-Guided model is a model added to enhance Stable Diffusion's img2img function (a function to generate another image from one image). Since the depth information of the input image is estimated and another image is generated based on it, it is characterized by being able to strongly reflect the composition of the original image in the output image. The following images are 'input image', 'depth information extracted from the input image', and 'image newly output based on depth information' from the left.

'The Depth-Guided model has been tweaked since version 2.0 of Stable Diffusion and is unique due to the presence of additional depth-related channels,' says Alvey. In addition, the Depth-Guided model seems to use MiDaS, a model that predicts depth from a single image. map.

And the image of the following tweet is output based on the depth map. Alvey said, ``By setting the denoising strength to '1.0', the original image was not used. Simple, easy-to-understand shapes such as furniture worked best for the input image,' he tweeted.

It seems that the output image will look like a doll house due to extreme perspective when it is a normal photograph. However, it seems that the problem was solved by taking a picture away from the subject with a longer focal length (3x zoom for iPhone).

There is also an example of the text that Alvey entered when generating the image.

'A beautiful rustic Balinese villa, architecture magazine, modern bedroom, infinity pool outside, design minimalism, stone surfaces' )”

'Luxurious modern studio bedroom, trending architecture magazine photo, colorful framed art hanging over bed, design minimalism, furry white rugs, trendy, industrial, pop art, boho chic. Colorful framed art on the bed, minimalist design, white fur rugs, trendy, industrial, pop art, boho chic)

'Retro bedroom studio, arcade, 80's style, vintage framed posters, trending architecture magazine, rugs, metal industrial pipes, murals, guitars and sound equipment, grunge, concrete floor Framed posters, trending architecture magazines, rugs, metal industrial pipes, murals, guitars and sound equipment, grunge, concrete floors).

The text you enter when generating the image can have a big impact on how the depth map changes. Therefore, Alvey says that the text to be entered requires some creativity. For example, as shown in the tweet image below, the vase depth map is output as a child with similar shaped toys, candles, sculptures, guitars, and Mickey headgear depending on the input text.

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