The police mention the ``tracking case by a stalker'' that caused Elon Mask to freeze the account of a prominent journalist on Twitter all at once

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has banned tweeting personal real-time location information, citing a case where a family member was stopped by a stalker. South Pasadena police are reporting what is actually being reported about this 'stalker tracking case'.

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Elon Musk 'Stalker' Update: Cops Give Conflicting Info on Twitter CEO's Claims

CEO Musk said at 9:48 am on December 15, 2022 Japan time, ``Last night, I was driving a car driven by Lil X (referring to Mr. Mask's son) in Los Angeles. A stalker got on the hood and stopped the car,' he tweeted. Since the posting time is 4:00 pm on December 14th when converted to West Coast time, the situation will occur on the night of December 13th.

South Pasadena Police have confirmed that an incident involving two vehicles occurred at 700 Mission Street on the night of December 13.

A 29-year-old man from Connecticut, who was a party to the incident, explained that he got off Interstate 110 (Arroyo Seco Parkway) northbound and drove into the parking lot at 700 Mission Street. When he stopped the car and tried to use his mobile phone, another car cut in front of him and stopped, and Man B got out of the car and took a video while complaining that '(Man A) chased him on the highway.' I have been doing it. At this time, Male A is also photographing the other male B.

The police rushed to the scene about five minutes after the call, but man B, who stopped the car later, had already run away. Man A testified that Man B was hit by a car just before he left.

According to a police investigation, Man A had no idea about Man B, and believed that the quarrel was a coincidence. It seems that I knew that was out.

In addition, Mr. Mask has posted a video in connection with the above tweet. Based on the circumstances so far, it is male A who is shooting and pointing the smartphone in the opposite direction, male B who is shooting, and Mr. Mask's son Lil X.

Detective Catalina Valdez of South Pasadena Police has indicated that he does not believe that Mr. Mask is involved in this conflict and intends to seek testimony from Mr. Mask and the security team.

By the way, South Pasadena, where the incident occurred, is located in the northeast direction from the center of Los Angeles, and is quite far from Los Angeles International Airport in the west of Los Angeles. Mr. Mask suggested that his family was exposed to danger due to location information tweets as the reason why he banned the account of 'ElonJet' that tracks the location information of his private jet. It had frozen the Twitter accounts of several journalists who reported it.

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