The number of active users of Mastodon reaches 2.5 million, it turns out that the number of people fleeing Elon Musk's Twitter is further increasing

After the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Mask, it is reported that users who are worried about Mr. Mask's Twitter reform are moving to Mastodon one after another. Newly, Mastodon CEO Eugen Lochko revealed that the number of active users of Mastodon in December 2022 reached 2.5 million, more than seven times the previous month.

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Since Mr. Mask acquired Twitter and became CEO, he has made drastic reforms of Twitter, such as charging for the certified mark and implementing a gold certified mark for corporate users . . On the other hand, moderation that depends on Mr. Mask's personal feelings, such as a mass freeze of journalist accounts that seems to be Mr. Mask's intention, and the unfreezing of accounts of conspiracy theorists and discriminators, is being carried out. It has also been pointed out that there are

As the above confusion continued, users began to migrate from Twitter to Mastodon, and in just one week after the completion of the acquisition of Twitter by Mr. Mask on October 27, 2022, the number of Mastodon users increased by 230,000. did. Furthermore, it was reported that on November 7, 2022, the number of active users of Mastodon exceeded 1 million.

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Newly, CEO Lochico revealed that from October 2022 to November 2022, the number of active users increased from 300,000 to 2.5 million. Mastodon allows individuals and organizations to establish their own instances (servers), and individuals and organizations can operate instances according to their own rules. ``This is a fundamentally different approach than traditional SNS. The mechanism of the instance may be one of the reasons why Mastodon has exploded in popularity,'' said Lochko about the instance.

In addition, CEO Rochiko said that Twitter had temporarily revised its policy to ban advertising tweets on SNS such as Mastodon, Facebook, and Instagram, ``Centralized platforms impose unreasonable restrictions on the content of remarks. There is something, 'he said, and Mastodon, which can manage instances for each individual or group, appeals that free speech is possible.

In addition, Mr. Mask said on December 17, 2022, ``The number of Twitter accounts (managed by real people) has reached a record high,'' and the number of users excluding Twitter's BOT is still increasing. I am appealing that.

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