Face identification technology turns out that the girl scout's mother is a ``lawyer at a law firm under trial'' and is kicked out of the event venue


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When a mother and daughter tried to watch a Christmas event play at a Girl Scout gathering, only the mother was stopped by security and kicked out of the venue. The reason for this was explained by the management company of the venue because the mother is a lawyer who belongs to the law firm that is in charge of the company's lawsuit.

MSG's Facial Recognition at Radio City Gets Girl Scout Mom Kicked Out – NBC New York

Girl Scout mom banned from Radio City Rockettes in MSG crackdown

Mr. Kelly Konron, a lawyer, was expelled from the event venue because his workplace was identified by face recognition technology. As part of his daughter's Girl Scouts field trip, he visited Radio City Music Hall in New York City to see the Christmas Spectacular show there.

However, immediately after passing through the metal detector gate, a security guard stopped me and forced me to leave the building. So while Conlon's daughter and other parents were able to see the show, Conlon had to walk around in the rain for 90 minutes.

by Matthew McDermott

After passing through the gate, Mr. Konron heard a voice over the intercom saying, 'A woman with black hair wearing a gray scarf over there,' but he said that he could not stop it, so he proceeded as it was. However, a security guard soon walked over to Mr. Conlon and asked for identification.

Mr. Conron said of that time, 'I think the security guards said, 'You got caught in our identification.' And they told me I wasn't allowed to be here.'

At the facility, there is a sign that says, 'Radio City Music Hall has various security measures in place to ensure the safety of everyone. We also use biometric information to identify faces.' I have.

by Matthew McDermott

Conlon's law firm, Davis, Saperstein & Salomon, is reportedly involved in a personal injury lawsuit against a restaurant owned by Madison Square Garden (MSG), which operates Radio City Music Hall. It is said that there is.

Mr. Conlon was not directly involved in litigation against MSG and had never practiced in New York, where the venue is located, but he was banned from entering the law firm with other lawyers. I was.

In a statement, a MSG spokesperson said, 'MSG has simply stated that attorneys who are pursuing an aggressive lawsuit against us will be barred from attending events at our venues until the lawsuit is closed. We have a straightforward policy in place, and while we know this policy is disappointing to some, we cannot ignore the fact that litigation creates an inherently unfavorable environment. MSG has notified its attorneys of this policy and has sent two notices to Davis, Saperstein & Salomon, in which they refused to participate even though they had been informed in advance that they would be denied entry. Only one lawyer who chose was unable to enter, and all the other members, including the Girl Scouts, were able to enjoy the show.'

On the other hand, Mr. Konron said, ``I was just a mother who brought my daughter to a Christmas show.It was embarrassing and frustrating when I was waiting outside.'' Sam Davis, a partner at Davis, Saperstein & Salomon, who works for the company, said, 'The plan is to collectively punish adversaries who dare to sue MSG's multi-billion dollar network. It is an excuse to give

Mr. Davis and Mr. Conlon.

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Mr. Davis is currently preparing to challenge MSG's liquor license to the New York State Liquor Department. “The liquor licenses held by MSG require that the general public be admitted unless there is a disruptive person posing a safety threat,” Davis said. , to do it under the guise of a lawsuit is absolutely ridiculous, and the fact that they're using facial recognition for that is terrifying and un-American.'

“Safety is our number one priority, and facial recognition is just one tool,” a MSG representative said. I'm sure it does,' he said.

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