Tesla sued for illegally dismissing two employees who criticized Elon Musk

A Tesla employee who participated in an organized effort to publicly criticize Mr. Elon Musk, the founder of electric car maker Tesla and also a hot topic for acquiring Twitter, was illegally dismissed from the company. As such, I filed a complaint with the

National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the administrative agency responsible for industrial relations in the United States.

Tesla, Inc. | National Labor Relations Board

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According to Bloomberg reports, two former employees living in California, USA have filed a complaint with the NLRB for being illegally dismissed by Tesla. It has been pointed out that the dismissal may have violated federal law to protect employee speech related to working conditions.

Two employees fired by Tesla say they were involved in drafting the two letters. One of the letters asked Tesla to reconsider its return-to-work policy, and the other focused on Musk's tweets that violated Tesla's anti-harassment policy. According to Bloomberg, these letters were only drafts and were never sent to Tesla executives.

The complaint alleges that an employee who was fired by Tesla was ``fired for Tesla's failure to implement its anti-harassment policy and for discussing implementation of its post-coronavirus return-to-work policy.'' .

In June 2022, at SpaceX, a space development company where Mr. Mask is CEO, a situation occurred in which an employee group who published a letter criticizing Mr. Mask's public behavior was dismissed. . At this time, SpaceX eventually dismissed nine employees, eight of whom have filed complaints against federal regulators for illegal dismissal.

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Problems with Tesla's internal culture are often viewed as problematic, and employees have filed lawsuits against the company, saying that union busting , sexual harassment , racial discrimination and sexism are rampant. .

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