Donald Trump releases a digital trading card based on himself, and a campaign to win dinner tickets with Mr. Trump is held at the same time

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, who has expressed his intention to run for the 2024 presidential election, has revealed that he will release a digital trading card based on himself.

Collect Trump Cards | Donald Trump Digital Trading Card NFTs

The card released by Mr. Trump looks like this. First of all, Mr. Trump dressed in a western suit.

Trump in a spacesuit.

Mr. Trump wearing a superhero costume and emitting mysterious beams from his eyes.

These are all NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and you don't actually get a paper card. There are 1 to 19 copies of each card in stock, and they may sell out. The price is 99 dollars (about 13,600 yen). You can purchase with a credit card or virtual currency.

In addition, there is also a campaign to win exclusive limited edition playing card NFT, cash, or prizes by lottery from applicants regardless of whether they are purchasers or non-purchasers. Various prizes are available, such as an invitation to a 2,000-person dinner party hosted by Mr. Trump, an invitation to a 20-minute private meeting with Mr. Trump, and the right to participate in a one-hour golf game with Mr. Trump. increase. Participation in this campaign is limited to US residents over the age of 18.

Also, in line with this announcement, an account called CollectTrumpCards ( @CollectTrump ) has begun to make promotional tweets on Twitter. A user who actually purchased it has replied to this tweet, but many people reported that they could not access NFT even though they paid, giving a glimpse of how the buyer is confused. increase.

Before the announcement, Mr. Trump announced that he had a 'big announcement.' People who had guessed what Mr.'s announcement was shortly after announcing his candidacy for the presidential election showed various reactions such as 'Is this what it was?'

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