Tesla's fully automatic driving beta version turned out to be 'worse' instead of improving, and the difference with competitors is clear

Tesla released `` Fully Automated Driving (FSD) Beta Version '' in North America in November 2022. However, Tesla's FSD function, which is positioned as close to ' level 2 ' that requires constant monitoring by the driver while bearing the name 'complete', has not seen any improvement, leaving Waymo etc. Electrek, a news site specializing in EVs, reported that it is in a state of being broken.

Tesla Full Self-Driving data looks awful: We challenge Elon Musk to prove otherwise | Electrek

In discussing Tesla's FSD function, Electrek focused on the index 'miles driven per disengagement'. The term “disengagement” refers to the interruption of the autonomous driving function.

In self-driving cars that require the driver to be in the driver's seat, the driver may turn off the self-driving function or take over driving to interrupt the function to avoid danger or comply with traffic laws. How long it can run until it wakes up is used as one of the performance indicators of the automatic driving function.

Many companies selling self-driving technology actively publish data on withdrawal, but Tesla does not disclose withdrawal data. However, since FSD beta testers voluntarily share running data, Taylor Organ CEO of Green Tech Fund Snow Bull Capital calculated Tesla's `` mileage per withdrawal '' from this data .

As a result, the 'mileage per withdrawal' in the FSD beta version has deteriorated by 54% compared to the previous year, and even considering the repeated ups and downs, there was almost no improvement over the past year. I understand.

Data shows that Tesla's FSD function can only drive a few miles (1 mile is about 1.6 km) to escape, while other autonomous driving functions such as Waymo and Cruise can drive tens of thousands of miles. Since the comparison below uses data as of March 2022, it is expected that the fact that Tesla's FSD function is deteriorating will further increase the difference at the time of writing the article.

As mentioned above, this data is based on voluntary reports from Tesla users, and the amount of data may not be very large and the accuracy may be low. Open up the data and show us the path to fulfilling the promise of full self-driving, or we'll have to measure our progress against this ugly data. ', He asked Tesla to disclose data on withdrawal.

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