A former member of the Trust & Safety Council who resigned because he was disgusted with Twitter talks about why he quit, Mr. Mask also appeared and it was a big debate

Twitter's Trust & Safety Council (TSC) is a group of independent professional organizations around the world to improve the safety of Twitter's services, programs, and rule development. The purpose is to prevent inappropriate posts such as slander and bullying. A former TSC member who worked for seven years at TSC and resigned as ``disgusted'' when Mr. Elon Musk became CEO of Twitter told the web media SLATE why he quit and his dissatisfaction. increase.

Three members of Twitter's Trust and Safety Council just quit because Elon Musk was ignoring them.

Members of Twitter's Trust & Safety Council Resign in Protest Against Elon Musk's 'Safety' Messages to Date - NetFamilyNews.org

Eilliani Abdul Rahman, a TSC member who contributed to the platform to stop youth sexual exploitation, said after nearly seven years on Twitter, 'Twitter's new leader, Mr. Musk, has shut us out.' He resigned from TSC along with two other members. A few hours after resigning, Rahman said in a phone call with SLATE's Nitish Power, ``Today is the worst day for me.It was a very tough decision.''

The TSC is tasked with guiding executives and others on policies on high-profile issues such as human rights, harassment and suicide prevention, with the aim of 'advocating for user safety and improving the integrity of the public discourse.' increase. However, just days after Musk became CEO, it became clear that TSC's activities were not prioritized, as it was reported that he was prohibited from using content moderation tools that he normally has access to. Several TSC members then asked the company ``whether Mr. Musk was aware of the existence of TSC. Mr. Vijaya Gadde was fired.

Musk never reached out to TSC, according to Rahman, despite efforts by TSC to voice concerns about Twitter's new direction. On the contrary, Mr. Mask has announced that he will revive the frozen account with `` freedom of speech '', and along with that, `` hate speech is increasing at an unprecedented level on Twitter '' Research results are also available. reported.

Researchers report that Twitter's hate speech is rapidly increasing after the acquisition of Elon Mask, Mr. Mask refutes as 'totally false' - GIGAZINE

Rahman and TSC colleagues Ann Collier and Leslie Podesta have announced their resignations. In resigning, Collier said, 'I no longer have an excuse to tolerate what Twitter has become like this.'

Podesta also said, ``It's very depressing to see the collapse of a culture that has worked hard to get the policy on safety and moderation right.''

When sharing on Twitter why Rahman, Collier and Podesta had resigned from TSC, Musk said, 'For years they refused to take action against child exploitation. This is a crime!'

Musk continued, ``When Ella Irwin, who now runs TSC, took over in early 2022, there were very few members working on child safety. I tried to reach out to the CEO and former CFO Ned Segal, but they didn't relocate, so I made this a top priority,' he said. I am explaining the purpose.

In a statement released by Twitter at the end of November 2022, ``Twitter's mission is to promote and protect the public discourse, i.e., to be the plaza of the internet,'' Collier said. In NetFamilyNews , which aims to promote the safety of SNS, 'Twitter states that it will rely heavily on automated content moderation, and this algorithm will protect users from the increasing hate speech and slander on SNS. I can't protect it,' he said.

Mr. Rahman commented on the changes Mr. Mask is making on Twitter, ``Mr. Mask tweets something on the Internet and changes the operating policy each time. It's connected, but that's not how operations should be.Operational policies should be a science-based approach, and should always consider people's mental health.' have expressed their opinions. In addition, he asked the approximately 70 remaining members of TSC, ``Unless Mr. Musk shows a compromise, TSC members will not be able to continue with one-sided dialogue. Is it really worth spending their time? Please, you will have to judge,' he commented.

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