Elon Musk misleads by citing past papers in criticism of former Twitter executives


Earon Musk, CEO of Twitter, has made a critical tweet against Yoel Ross, who was once the chief executive of Twitter's Trust & Safety. It is a daily occurrence for CEO Mask to make a critical tweet to someone, but this tweet cites a dissertation written by Mr. Ross during his doctoral course, but dares to mislead the contents, Mr. Mask has received much criticism against

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Elon Musk Smears Former Twitter Executive Yoel Roth

The trigger was the mention that Mr. Eliza, who is working to save victims of human trafficking, said to CEO Mask, ``I think I found a problem.'' Mr. Eliza 'discovered' a tweet made by Mr. Ross in 2010.

Mr. Ross tweeted the article 'When is it OK for students and teachers to have sex?', A 33-year-old high school teacher was charged with sexually acting at school with an 18-year-old student who was about to graduate. handling incidents. In Washington state, where this incident occurred, the age of consent for sexual activity is stipulated as ``16 years old'', but a separate clause prohibits specific sexual activity with ``underage students'', and the court decided in this separate clause decided that it was intended for ``students under the age of 21, the upper age limit for high school admission''.

Student-teacher sex: When is it OK? | Salon.com

Mr. Ross added a comment to the URL of the article, 'Can high school students give meaningful consent to sex with their teachers?'

It seems quite difficult to read Mr. Ross's thoughts from this tweet, but CEO Mask, who was contacted by Mr. Eliza as a 'problem', tweeted, ' This explains a lot .' Continuing with the screenshot, he tweeted, ``Mr. Yoel seems to be in favor of allowing children to access Internet services for adults in his doctoral thesis.''

Mask CEO brought out a paper called `` GAY DATA '' written by Mr. Ross as a doctoral dissertation at the University of Pennsylvania in 2016.

GAY DATA - Yoel Roth
(PDF file) https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/60981d118b006454de9222b2/61d364a68536fc3f5cf77933_Roth-Dissertation.pdf

The pasted screenshot is from page 248, line 12 to the end. Roughly speaking, 'Grindr, a dating app for gays, is too obscene for teens to use, even though it has thorough content management. There is a fact that it is used, and it cannot be easily denied that it is a hub of queer (sexual minority) youth culture. , focus on building safety strategies that address a wide range of use cases for platforms like Grindr, including their role in safely connecting queer youth.'

Mr. Ross professes to be gay, and before writing the paper, ``Academic research on Grindr is 'Grindr uses location information. Male homosexuals like sex. I am sad,' and it seems that it is a thesis written by embarking on detailed research by himself.

Regarding Mask CEO's tweet this time, Eric Columbus, who worked for the Department of Justice and Homeland Security during the Obama administration, said, ``Mr. Mask likes to call critics pedophiles. When boys were trapped in a cave, he called the man who rescued them a pedophile.' 'Mr. Musk liked Mr. Ross until he left Twitter. Frequent Ross 'I was defending him by citing a tweet by Mr. Musk attacking Mr. Ross now that Mr. Ross has left.'

It is pointed out that Mr. Mask did not target only Mr. Ross, but made malicious accusations against four people who criticized Mr. Mask in the two days before and after.

According to Mr. AH (@a_h_reaume) who pointed out, the other three were all members of an external advisory committee and were leaders of NPOs. Mask CEO tweeted that these three people should be punished and 'shame', but this is because a person who reads Mask CEO's tweets said, 'Members of the advisory committee are Twitter's Mr. AH pointed out that it is done after understanding that they do not understand that they are not employees and that they do not understand the difference between an advisory board and a company's board of directors. In the first place, the members of the advisory committee do not have the power to enforce the company, so even if there were some mistakes on Twitter in the past, it is argued that it is strange to put the responsibility on the members of the advisory committee.

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