An open source simulator 'Tabletop Club' that allows you to play board games completely free of charge in a 3D environment with a physical engine

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Board Game Arena and voice chat tools such as Discord have made it possible to easily play analog games online that could not be played unless players originally met together. ' Tabletop Club ', which is being developed with open source, is a simulator that can reproduce and play board games with a physics engine, and online multiplayer is also possible. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS and can be played completely free of charge.

Tabletop Club by drwhut

Tabletop Club Documentation — Tabletop Club master documentation

Go to the above site and click 'Download Now'.

Click 'No thanks, just take me to the downloads'.

Tabletop Club is released for Linux, macOS and Windows. To play on Windows this time, click 'Download' of ''. The file size is about 61MB.

Unzip the downloaded ZIP file with

Explzh or standard functions of Windows. Run 'TabletopClub.exe' inside.

Tabletop Club will launch. Click 'Single player'.

Then, a green table was displayed as shown below. Click 'Objects' in the top menu.

You can click the tool you want to use and call it on the table. For example, click '52-Card Deck'.

I was able to call one deck of cards on the table as follows. You can draw a card by dragging the deck.

When the card is brought to the front of the table, it is placed in the hand position of the sitting player. Cards in your hand cannot be seen by others.

You can call various objects besides playing cards. If you select 'Type' in the Objects window, you'll see different item types.

For example, below is where I called the dice.

Chess can call each piece and board separately.

In general, games that can play board games automatically perform all rules and processes, but Tabletop Club uses a physics engine to reproduce and play board games, so you can move pieces and deal cards. You have to do all the work manually. For example, when moving a chess piece, it's a way of moving that is close to reality, such as ``drag the piece and bring it to the position you want to move.'' As a result, pieces may fall over on the board.

Also, by clicking 'Flip Table' in the upper menu, it is possible to flip the board with the table.

In addition, Tabletop Club is a pre-release version at the time of article creation. Tabletop Club is open source and has a hosted repository on GitHub.

GitHub - drwhut/tabletop-club: An open-source platform for playing tabletop games in a physics-based 3D environment for Windows, macOS, and Linux! Made with the Godot Engine.

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