The position where the photograph of the `` latest stealth bomber '' was taken is identified from the propaganda tweet of the US military

The US Air Force has released a photo of the `` B-21 Raider '', a state-of-the-art stealth bomber of `` dual wielding '' that can carry nuclear warheads and conventional bullets on Twitter. At this time, a Twitter user appeared who determined the position of the stealth bomber with high accuracy from the starry sky reflected in the background.

Below is a tweet of the stealth bomber 'B-21 Raider' posted by the US Air Force. Two photos are attached to the post, one of the B-21 parked in the hangar and the other with the night sky in the background.

John McElhone, co-founder of CropSafe, a company that provides technology using satellites, responded to this. He tweeted that it is possible to pinpoint the position of the aircraft from the starry sky of the US Air Force photo.

To determine where the photo was taken, McElhone first looked at the stars in the night sky behind the stealth bomber using , which superimposes constellations on uploaded images of the starry sky. I was.

Next, get metadata such as the date the photo was taken from the image posting page published by the US Air Force. Although this data has been rewritten at the time of writing the article, it was originally published as it was due to a mistake, and it was possible to excavate it using the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.

There is only a date in the metadata, but by overlaying the image with the open source planetarium Stellarium , we can infer that the image was taken at 1:30 am. According to Mr. McElhone, this time is the time when the number of satellites flying over the United States is the lowest, so it is perfect for getting the stealth aircraft out of the hangar.

Furthermore, Mr. McElhone, who determined that the shooting point was 34 degrees latitude from the position of the North Star relative to the horizon, drew a 34-degree line on the map of the United States and searched for an air force base located on that line.

There are many military bases across the United States, but not many are located at 34 degrees latitude. In addition, most of the US military's stealth aircraft are manufactured in California, and the B-21 Raider is also being developed by Northrop Grumman, which is developing aircraft in California, so the candidate base is in California. can be narrowed down to That leaves Edwards Air Force Base as the only match.

There are not many Northrop Grumman development facilities at Edwards Air Force Base, but there is a Northrop Grumman development base at Palmdale Regional Airport, 30 miles (about 48 km) south of the base. Looking at Google Maps, there was a B-2 aircraft shadow there.

From the shape of the building in the B-21 Raider photo released by the Air Force, it is clear that this is the location where the photo was taken.

McElhone used only public information to determine that the photo was taken at the US Air Force Factory 42 on November 29, 2022 at about 1:30 am.

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