Macbooks with M1 chip / M2 chip have problems with 'slow internet connection', 'zoom disconnection', and 'loss of Wi-Fi connection', countermeasures are ADWL invalidation

Macbooks with M1 and M2 chips are experiencing slow internet connection speeds, dropped Zoom calls, and complete loss of Wi-Fi connectivity. Apple is also aware of this, and disabling ADWL is listed as a countermeasure.

Recent Apple updates leading to WiFi issues

According to Internet business company Meter, the problems that are occurring are various, but fundamentally the same, 'throughput speed drops, devices randomly disconnect, and cannot reconnect to the network.' I'm here.

Meter and other vendors have reported the problem to Apple, and Apple has also identified a firmware issue and plans to fix it in the beta version of macOS Ventura. However, it is still unknown when the release will be.

As a countermeasure for the time being, 'disabling AWDL' is mentioned. AWDL is a network used to link Macs and iOS devices, and if disabled, AirDrop/AirPlay cannot be used.

On GitHub, a script has been published to survive the emergency until Apple fixes it.

GitHub - meterup/awdl_wifi_scripts: Scripts to disable awdl

How to use
1: Launch Terminal
2: Enter 'bash <(curl -sL' in the window and execute
3: Enter 'y' when the prompt is displayed
4: Enter your login information as prompted
just follow the steps.

If you want this script to run automatically on reboot,
1: Launch Terminal
2: Enter 'curl -sL | bash' and execute
is OK.

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