Judgment of illegal union formation obstruction behavior that Apple interrogated workers and participated in anti-union meetings

The United States National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) determined that Apple's actions violated federal law in a case where the union formation by employees of the Apple Store in Atlanta was

canceled due to Apple's interference .

Apple's Anti-Union Tactics in Atlanta Were Illegal, US Officials Say (AAPL) - Bloomberg

Apple anti-union tactics used in Atlanta were illegal – prosecutor

The Communications Workers Union of America (CWA), which supports Apple's employee unionization, asked Apple to attend a conference where anti-union speeches were made to employees when they gave up voting on unionization in Atlanta. claimed to have been forced. The NLRB said it violated federal law if it forced attendance. This time, the NLRB conducted its own investigation and determined that Apple had violated federal law by interrogating employees and forcing them to attend anti-union meetings.

NLRB spokesperson Kayla Blado has announced that Apple will sue if it does not agree to the settlement.

``Apple executives believe the rules don't apply to them,'' the CWA said. We applaud it for recognizing it as a violation of labor rights.'

In addition, although the union formation vote at the Apple Store in Atlanta was abandoned as mentioned above, it does not mean that it has given up, it is said that it is aiming for the next opportunity. After giving up voting in Atlanta, a union formation vote was passed by majority at the Apple Store in Maryland.

Apple's store to form the first union, votes held in Maryland voted in favor - GIGAZINE

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